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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

14 alternatives to the Stick Family pictures on cars

Those seem to be popping up everywhere. On some cars, though, I've seen hilarious renditions of this involving alien ships and saying "Nobody cares about your stick figure family" with the alien ship abducting the family or someone in a hockey mask and chainsaw chasing a stick figure family. I've even seen a Star Wars themed one- using characters to represent the family members

So here are 14 variations of the classic Stick Figure image on cars. Some I didn't include because they were so weird even I didn't get them or they were a little too risqué to have on here, meaning they involved sexual activity

1. Minus One
-For those recently divorced moms, here you go
2. Little Jedi on the way
-For you Star Wars moms, no better way to announce the soon to be arrival of a young Jedi
3. Zombie Apocalypse
-For some reason, zombies are all the rage now. I suspect it has something to do with The Walking Dead
4. Monsters!
-If this doesn't crack someone up laughing, who knows what will
5. The A-- Family
-This is for you sarcasm-filled families, who usually can't hold a civil conversation without sarcasm flooding it, yet can still show love to one another
6. The Crazy Cat Lady
-"You think she needs a few more cats?"
7. The Chainsaw Killer
-I see this one frequently where I live
8. Hit and run
-He's showing you once and for all that his family is perfect
10. Me? Your Mom?

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