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Friday, May 1, 2015

May Birthdays

Since it's May, it's time to say Happy Birthday to the following people

Tim McGraw
-Birth name: Samuel Timothy Smith
-DOB: 5/1/1967
-Where: Delhi, Louisiana
-His father Frank McGraw is a famous baseball player
-Birth name: Paul David Hewson
-DOB: 5/10/1960
-Where: Dublin, Ireland
-His stage name comes from the Latin phrase Bono Vox, which means "good voice"
Natasha Richardson
-Birth name: Natasha Jane Richardson
-DOB: 5/11/1963
-Where: Marylebone, London, England
-DOD: 3/18/2009 (brain hemorrhage)
-Where: New York City, New York
-Mother is Vanessa Redgrave
Cate Blanchett
-Birth name: Catherine Elise Blanchett
-DOB: 5/14/1969
-Where: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
-After completing her scenes as Galadriel in the LOTR series, she bronzed all her elf ear prosthetics
Chow Yun-fat
-DOB: 5/18/1955
-Where: Hong Kong, China
-He is considered unusually tall by Chinese standards. He stands a head taller than his Chinese male and female co-stars
Mike Myers
-Birth name: Michael John Myers
-DOB: 5/25/1963
-Where: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
-His parents, Eric and Alice, were British citizens. This is why Mike Myers carries a British passport and regards himself as British
Ian McKellen
-Birth name: Ian Murray McKellen
-DOB: 5/25/1939
-Where: Burnley, Lancashire, England
-While playing Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings series, he wore a prosthetic nose
Eric Singer
-Birth name: Eric Doyle Mensinger
-DOB: 5/12/1958
-Where: Cleveland, Ohio
-Likes/owns classic cars and motorcycles
Bill Ward
-Birth name: William Ward
-DOB: 5/5/1948
-Where: Birmingham, England
-The Black Sabbath song N.I.B., which people always thought was Satanic, actually comes from the fact that the other members of Black Sabbath thought that Bill Ward's goatee looked like the nib of a pen
-Birth name: Cheryl Sarkisian
-DOB: 5/20/1946
-Where: El Centro, California
-Lived with and dated Gene Simmons of KISS for several years during the 1980s

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