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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dog's Life

This game combines two great things-video games and dogs!! I mean, who doesn't love dogs??
-You play as Jake, a beagle living in the small fictional city of Clarksville. One day, he witnesses a dog he has a crush on, a Labrador Retriever named Daisy, being kidnapped. You must then play doggy detective and investigate the kidnapping. Along the way, you can hear snippets of conversations between the two kidnappers, Dwayne and Wayne. It's discovered that Miss Peaches, head of a cat food company called Miss Peaches Crunchy Cat Food, is arranging for dogs to be kidnapped, brought to her factory and turned into cat food

-In this game, you get to meet and interact with over 15 different breeds of dog, who you can control after doing a minigame. Each breed of dog has its own specific talents and areas of expertise. (i.e. need to run fast? Get a German Shepherd or a Greyhound. Need to climb mountains or steep hills? Get a St. Bernard, a Bernese Mountain Dog or an Alaskan Husky)

-The three major areas in this game are Clarksville, Lake Minniwahwah and Boom City. Each of these area have smaller areas inside them and there are humans that you can aid in exchange for bones.

-You can also use "Smellovision", seeing in the black and white vision common to dogs. If you pick up all the scents, you can win bones, challenge other dogs, etc. These challenges include time races, trials where you have to copy the moves the other dog does, urinating in certain spots to mark territory, tug of war games

-Once you beat the challenges offered by these dogs, you can control them for a limited time. If you run out of time, no matter. Just find the dog and bark to control them once more. In some missions, you will need the local dog in that area to finish it

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