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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker

This is the second installment to the Fifty Shades series
-After the breakup of Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian and Ana try and restart their relationship, on a more simple level. Ana teaches Christian how to uphold a more normal relationship. As things between them improve, Christian's past starts haunting him, in cases such as one of his old submissives, named Leila, stalking him and Ana, and Elena, the woman who introduced Christian to the S&M lifestyle, trying to put distance between Christian and Ana

-Dakota Johnson: Anastasia "Ana" Steele
-Jamie Dornan: Christian Grey
-Eric Johnson: Jack Hyde
-Eloise Mumford: Kate Kavanaugh
-Bella Heathcote: Leila
-Rita Ora: Mia Grey
-Luke Grimes: Elliot Grey
-Victor Rasuk: Jose
-Max Martini: Taylor
-Bruce Altman: Jerry Roach
-Kim Basinger: Elena Lincoln
-Marcia Gay Harden: Grace Trevelyan-Grey
-Andrew Airlie: Carrick Grey

Did You Know?
-There is a case of "define irony". During the last scene, where Jack is looking over the Grey house, smoking a cigarette, he takes the cigarette and burns out Christian's face in the photo of the Grey family. It is said in the books that Christian was burned with cigarettes by his mother's pimp, which explains the cigarette burns on his chest
-The dress Ana is wearing to the art exhibit is the same dress she wore in Fifty Shades of Grey to discuss the contract with Christian
-When Christian shows Ana his room at the Grey house, there is a UFC poster seen on the wall. It was thought that it would give Christian a more masculine image if it were shown that he was into mixed martial arts
-Jamie Dornan mentioned he worked out extra hard for this movie. He was able to put on more muscle weight so he could look more intimidating
-It was decided that, since clean-shaven Christian Grey was not good enough, Jamie Dornan was allowed to grow his facial hair, to make him more appealing to the ladies
-Ana references the 1988 film Working Girl, a few lines used by Melanie Griffith. She says "I expect you to call me Ana. I don't expect you to fetch me coffee unless you're getting some for yourself, and um, the rest we'll just make up as we go along"

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