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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

True Crime: New York City

This game is fun, but definitely aimed at an older audience because of the very mature situations dealt with in this game
-You are Marcus Reed, a former gangbanger turned police officer, whose dad is Isiah "The King" Reed. After being given the chance to change his life and leave his gangbanging ways behind him, Marcus joins the police academy and becomes a cop, with the help of PDNY detective Terry Higgins. After becoming a cop, he manages to become a beat cop in the Organized Crime Unit. You soon come into contact with an eccentric FBI agent named Gabriel Whitting, who is looking into rumors of there being a mole in OCU and somehow that mole having connections to four major organized crime factions in the city

-There are four different chapters to do missions in this game. In order to move on, you must solve the missions in each case
-The Magdelena Cartel
-The Shadow Tong
-The Presidents Club
-The Palermo Mob

-The Magdelena Cartel takes you to the neighborhood of Spanish Harlem, investigating a cartel moving cocaine, ecstasy and other narcotics into poorer neighborhoods. The case ends with you taking down the head, Teresa Castillo, at the Opera House in the theatre district. She's aboard a wooden boat on the opera stage and you must shoot it to arrest her

-The Palermo Mob is your typical Mafia case. You go from talking to a high ranking mobster in Little Italy, to taking down a funeral director in Washington Heights to taking down a mob boss' contactor son on top of a construction boom crane

-The Presidents Club is the name of a club of drug dealers using names of presidents. They are pushing a new drug called "Pop" on to the streets. The mysterious leader of this "club" is a rapper/music producer named Lionel, and to solve this case, you must fight him in hand to hand combat in a Zen garden on top of the building housing his studio

-The Shadow Tong is a pretty tough case. You go to Chinatown to talk to a store owner, then try and rescue the sister of an up and coming Chinese Tong member named Leeland Shen. You discover he is smuggling Chinese immigrants in and forcing them to work in sweatshops

-The layout is pretty typical of any open world game. You can drive around, shoot guns, talk to people, etc. But in this game, you can do more. You can frisk people and if they have contraband, you can either arrest them or bribe them. You can do side missions which include seeking information from confidential informants (in this game, the three informants are The King, who happens to be Marcus' father, the Madam, who runs a high class prostitution service, and Freddie, a gypsy Middle Eastern cab driver)

-This game is very similar to True Crime: Streets of LA in the sense that you can solve street crimes, you can enter buildings, you can also use public transportation to get around, which in this games' case is taxis and the subway system. There is also the "Good Cop/Bad Cop" point system in here. The end of the game depends on what you do. If you get too many Bad Cop points, the police will consider you to have "gone rogue" and they will attack you. If you do the Good Cop and get a lot of good points, all is well

-Here you can enter buildings and frisk people for contraband. To get good cop points, arrest the people, but to get bad cop points, you can frame innocent people by planting evidence. You can enter buildings and do all sorts of stuff. To gain lost health, you can visit pharmacies, stop by hot dog or food stands, delis, clothing stores where you can buy new clothes, barber shops to get new haircuts, dojos to pick up new skills and weapons, music stores to pick up new music for the in-game soundtrack, gun stores to pick up new weapons
-When driving, the police dispatch will let you know about crimes occurring. You must solve a set number of crimes in each neighborhood before it is considered "clean". When you look at the map and hover over it with the pointer, it will either be red, meaning and saying that the crime level is extremely high, orange, meaning and saying the crime level is medium, yellow, meaning and saying the crime level is low or green, meaning and saying that that neighborhood is clean. To clean up the neighborhood, solve crimes, frisk suspicious-looking civilians. If nothing is done about the crimes, the crime rate will go up, stores will close, the streets will be dirty, more random crimes will occur and the civilians will become extremely aggressive

-You can also move up the ranks of being a police officer. You can go to the police precinct (marked by a very large badge in Midtown) and enter the police department to turn in contraband and get paid. There are two ways of making money in here-legitimate and illegitimate. The "legit" way of making money is doing your job-stopping crime, frisking suspicious-looking civilians and turning in contraband. The "illegitimate" way of doing it is shaking down store owners, bribing people and in all senses of the word, breaking the law

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