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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

This is the third movie of the series
-Bartertown is a city in the desert that has managed to retain technology if no civilization existed. Max is robbed of supplies and seeks shelter there in a dystopian future where barbarians hold what is left when the machines finally break down

-Mel Gibson: Mad Max
-Bruce Spence: Jedediah
-Adam Cockburn: Jedediah Jr
-Tina Turner: Aunty Entity
-Frank Thring: The Collector
-Angelo Rossitto: The Master
-Paul Larsson: The Blaster
-Angry Anderson: Ironbar
-George Spartels: Blackfinger
-Edwin Hodgeman: Dr. Dealgood
-Andrew Oh: Ton Ton Tattoo

Did You Know?
-Producer Byron Kennedy was killed in a helicopter crash during production. The movie is dedicated to him and director George Miller lost interest in the film because of that. George Ogilvie took over directing
-If you look closely, the pupil in Max's left eye is permanently dilated, referencing Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, when he suffers a severe injury to his left eye
-The director of casting went through Australian schools looking for 60 kids, ranging in age from 20 months old to 16 years old
-The pigs used in the movie were on loan from a pig farmer
-Tina Turner had to shave her head completely bald just to fit her wig
-Tina Turner, who plays Aunty Entity, wore a steel dress that weighed more than 121 pounds

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