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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Here is the second movie of this series.
-A former policeman living in the dystopian future Australian outback helps a desert community of survivors in an abandoned gas refinery fend off attacks from marauding warriors

-Mel Gibson: Max
-Bruce Spence: The Gyro Captain
-Michael Preston: Pappagallo
-Max Phipps: Toadie
-Vernon Wells: Wez
-Kjell Nilsson: Humungus
-Emil Minty: Feral Kid
-Virginia Hey: Warrior Woman
-William Zappa: Zetta

Did You Know?
-The dog used in the film was taken from a local shelter. But because of the noise upsetting him, it resulted in him relieving himself in the car by mistake. After filming ended, one of the camera operators adopted him
-There are reasons for his mismatched clothing. The right sleeve of his jacket is missing, referencing his right arm being run over in Mad Max and medics would have simply cut off the sleeve than pull it over his injured arm. His squeaky leg brace came from getting shot through the kneecap in the first film. The harness with things hanging off of it is for working on his Interceptor, the first two fingers of his gloves missing allows for easier removal/insertion of shotgun shells
-The costumes for the movie were assembled from various items found in junk shops, second hand clothing stores, S&M shops, sporting goods stores
-Despite the fact it took place in Australia, it was extremely cold. Mel Gibson huddled under blankets between takes despite wearing heavy leather while the people playing the marauders suffered greatly in particular because their costumes exposed a lot of skin, especially their backsides
-The character Humungus has a pistol with an ornate skull and crossbones design. It is said that it resembles a Totenkopf, a "Death's Head" design, a symbol associated with the Nazi SS
-On the vertical stabilizer is a nude woman. It's Karen Price, the January 1981 Playboy model
-Queen guitarist Brian May composed the music for this film as well, but not Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Maurice Jarre composed the music there
-Max's dog is an Australian cattle dog
-The Feral Kid was based on Vietnamese orphans on the streets of Saigon
-Mel Gibson was forced to wear sticky makeup that made him look bruised and bloodied for weeks
-Mel Gibson taught Emil Minty, who plays the Feral Kid, how to throw a boomerang and head butt people without hurting them
-The character Humungus was supposed to be Max's partner Jim Goose originally. Production was against this, but there are a few nods here and there to that, including burns behind his hockey mask, his use of a police vehicle and his use of a weapon similar to the MFP's police force

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