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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alex Van Halen

Alex Van Halen
Birth name: Alexander Arthur Van Halen
DOB: 5/8/1953
Where: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Height: 6'

-Stine Schyberg: 2000-present, 2 kids
-Kelly Van Halen: 1984-1996 (divorced) 1 child
-Valerie Kendall: 6/11/1983-1984 (divorced)

-Likes to use hi-hat cymbals
-Frequently wears sunglasses
-His Ludwig drums
-Two kick drums
-The Brown Sound (the sound of his snare drum)

-Ex-brother in law of Valerie Bertinelli
-Drummer for Van Halen

-As an ordained minister, he officiated the wedding of his brother Eddie and his wife Janie Liszewski on June 27, 2009. His nephew, Wolfgang Van Halen, was the best man

-After quitting drinking in the 1980s, he would encourage brother Eddie to do the same
-Like his brother Eddie, Alex spoke very little English until his family immigrated to the US

-Likes to use the biggest drumsticks ever, and once described the ones he used as "miniature baseball bats"
-Did not like the song "Dancing in the Street" off the 1982 Diver Down album. He said it isn't Van Halen

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