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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Calendar Girls

The Calendar Girls
-Chris Harper and Annie Clarke are two middle aged friends living in Knapely, in Yorkshire County. They represent the Yorkshire chapter of the Women's Institute, whose motto is "enlightenment, fun, friendship". After Annie's husband dies of leukemia, she wants to donate the money from the calendars they do to a local Yorkshire hospital. So they decide to make the next calendar a little risqué and do pictures of nude members of the Women's Institute. This idea comes from the idea that sex sells

-Helen Mirren: Chris
-Julie Walters: Annie
-John Alderton: John
-Linda Bassett: Cora
-Annette Crosbie: Jessie
-Phillip Glenister: Lawrence
-Ciaran Hinds: Rod
-Celia Imrie: Celia
-Geraldine James: Marie
-Penelope Wilton: Ruth
-George Costigan: Eddie
-Graham Crowden: Richard
-Harriet Thorpe: Brenda Mooney
-Lesley Staples: Jenny

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