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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My favorite one: Eddie Van Halen

He's cute still, I don't care what people say, lol!!

Eddie Van Halen
Birth name: Edward Van Halen
DOB: 1/26/1955
Where: Njimegen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Height: 5'8''

-Janie Liszewski: 6/27/2009-present
-Valerie Bertinelli: 4/11/1981-12/20/2007 (divorced) 1 child

-Use of the 'whammy' bar
-Use of synthesizers
-His "Eruption" guitar solo
-Frankenstrat guitar
-Likes to jump in the air and do splits during his "Eruption" solo

-Two tapping (a technique he invented)

-Younger brother of Van Halen co-founder Alex Van Halen

-Moved from the Netherlands when he and Alex were very young. His father was Dutch and mother was Indonesian
-Had a hip replacement surgery in 1999
-When Van Halen first became popular, Eddie and Alex took their earnings and told their father to retire and take things easy for the rest of his life


-Is a recovering alcoholic
-Didn't speak English until his family immigrated to the US

-Is very modest about his guitar talents
-Likes to say that David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar's problems with Van Halen were LSD- Lead Singer Disease
-Ex-son in law of Andrew and Nancy Bertinelli
-In Oct. 2012, Guitar World Magazine declares Eddie Van Halen "Greatest Guitarist of All Time"

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