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Monday, June 3, 2013

Wedding songs

IDK why, but I always have random thoughts. The other day, I had this random thought about what people use as songs for their wedding. And to think, some people think rock songs can't be used for a wedding. Here are some songs I think would be cool wedding songs. And if there are any that you didn't see that you think should be on here, just add them in the comments box and I'll read them :D
-The reason for this, it's so full of emotion, and for kicks, it's perfect if you're name's actually Beth, lol!! The only one who can perform this with all the due emotion it deserves is Peter Criss, who wrote the song. And Eric Singer, the new drummer, seems to be able to perform just as well in Criss' absence
Can't Fight This Feeling
-REO Speedwagon
-This song screams emotion!!!
The Flame
-Cheap Trick
-It's slow, yet rock melody makes it romantic
Maybe I'm Amazed
-Paul McCartney
-This one is simple, and romantic. And leave the romance songs to Paul McCartney :D
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
-Rod Stewart
-This is such a sweet, romantic song. Perfect for wedding anniversaries, weddings, you name it. It's romantic.
Kiss from a Rose
-I know this ain't rock, but I think the melody of the song, which is slow and yet slightly haunting, carries a romantic feel to it
-This Paul Stanley-penned song is typical rock of the 1980s- high pitched sounding guitars, so naturally people think it's not a love song. But it is!!
Every Breath You Take
-The Police
-I'm not really sure if this could be considered a wedding song, but the fact that the song talks about watching every move you make, makes you feel either very comforted or very creeped out that someone's watching you
All You Need is Love
-The Beatles
-Come on, it's in the name. Love!

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