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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Stones perform with Taylor Swift in Chicago

If you think you're seeing things, don't worry. I thought the same thing! Yes, it is correct. Taylor Swift was performing 'As Tears Go By' with Mick Jagger in Chicago. And also, she was wearing black clothes tighter than his black jeans he prefers nowadays
According to Swift, it has long since been a dream to sing with them. According to her Twitter page, she filed this under the 'never in my wildest dreams' category. Mick introduced it as “one we haven’t done in quite a long time. Actually, it’s almost the first song that Keith (Richards) and I wrote. We didn’t do it at the time, we gave it to someone else, a young lady, to sing. But we’re going to do it now, with a bit of help…”

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