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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Sims Bustin' Out

One of my favorite Sims games EVER!!

The Sims Bustin' Out
-The game starts out with you designing your Sim, choosing their astrological sign, their skin tone, and finally their hair, eyes, skin, and accessories

-The game is centered around millionaire Malcolm Landgrab coming into each location and taking one or two items, items that be unlocked with a certain promotion level in a certain career field. He does this because of unpaid rent

-The main objective of the player is to unlock all the items and help the Sims living in those locations and become rich enough to evict Malcolm out of his mansion
-There are 7 different career levels in here as well. Movie Star, Jock, Gangster, Scientist, Counter Culture, Fashion Victim, Paramilitary

-Each level has goals to accomplish. Such as: Mimi's Place- Invite your Mom over to your new place
-If there is something in parentheses next to the resident's name, it's a social call you can learn from them, i.e. Mom (Nag About House)


Dudley's Trailer
-Theme: Country trailer
-This is where, if you choose a career path in Gangster, Jock, Paramilitary or Mad Scientist, this is where you live for your first two promotions. Dudley's a slob, and will often leave you by yourself while he goes to the club, and will often make messes
-Resident: Dudley Landgrabb(Burp in Face)
-Malcolm steals: Air Hockey Table, Video Game Console
-Example goal: Clean up the mess

Tinsel Bluffs
-Theme: Luxury house in the hills
-Residents: Humphrey Hawks (Imitate) and Fanny Adore (Smooth Talk)
-This place is pretty sweet digs. You'll need a second bed for the small bedroom between the music studio and small first bathroom
-Example goal: Find out where you can score a red pool table
-Malcolm steals: Microphone, Information Overlord TV

Studio 8
-Theme: Art gallery
-Residents: Artie Fishcl (Fake Out) and Charity Grant (Tell Lies)
-Malcolm steals: Artists' block, pottery wheel
-Example goal: Buy $1000 worth of improvements
-This is an art gallery. These two will constantly talk about art
Pixel Acres
-Theme: Nudist hippie colony
-Residents: Ying Yangst (Feather Tickle) and Chase Skurtz (Tell Secret)
-Malcolm steals: Ping Pong Table, Tetherball and Hot Springs
-This place is a hippie commune. They give you a stone barbecue to cook with and a gourmet stove and that's it. Nothing fun unless you place something. But if it's a radio, put it somewhere where your Sims won't be awoken from sleep because another Sim wants to listen
-Example goal: Seduce someone at Casa Caliente

Mom's House
-Theme: Suburban house
-This is the level where you can wet your feet on how to be a Sim. You can up your skills, learn to feed your Sim, get them to the bathroom, etc
-Resident: Mom (Nag About House)
-Example goal: Hit R1 for double speed
-Malcolm steals: Scooter

Mimi's Place
-Theme: Party house
-Resident: Mimi Landgrabb (Brag About Money)
-Malcolm steals: Beverage bar, gourmet stove
-Here is where you can earn your first two promotions in Counter Culture, Movie Star, Fashion Victim. She is also messy, like her brother Dudley
-Example goal: Get to know Mimi better

The Octagon
-Theme: Military base
-Residents: General Payne (Snap Out of It!) and Maxine Powers (Karate Chop)
-This is a military base. The kitchen is not too good, but the other furnishings are good, mainly Spartan, or cheap
-Example goal: Eliminate Senator Landgrabb
-Malcolm steals: Miss Gyrotic robot, Sentry system

Malcolm's Mansion
-Theme: Plush island estate
-Residents: Malcolm Landgrabb
-This place is pretty sweet. A highly recommended suggestion is taking out the middle part of the house, leaving two separate buildings with a path in the middle, so you're not late getting to the bus
-Example goal: Show off your fortune and upgrade the mansion
-Malcolm steals: Himself. Gets evicted by Mom
Shiny Things Labs
-Theme: science lab
-Residents: Makino Nada (Whine and Complain) and Vaughn Braun (Coo Coo!)
-Malcolm steals: Invention table, Tesla coil
-Typical science lab. Everything technology has to offer, except a proper kitchen and extra beds should your Sim be married
-Example goal: Show off rocket gnomes at a launch party

Casa Caliente
-Theme: Love shack
-Residents: Randy Hart (French Kiss) and Paisley Rainbow (Booty Spank)
-Malcolm steals: Love bed, love tub
-Here everything is centered on romance, even the social interactions you can earn
-Example goal: Score with two Sims at the same party

Toane's Gym
-Theme: Athletic club
-Residents: Max Toane (Bear Hug) and Goldie Toane (Noogie)
-Malcolm steals: Rock climbing wall, treadmill
-Example goal: Get four Sims to join Toane's Gym as members
-These two are total gym lunkheads. When they aren't working out like mad men, they are complaining their gym has not enough members

Goth Manor
-Theme: Haunted house
-Residents: Bella (Nag About Friends) and Mortimer Goth (Kiss Hand)
-Malcolm steals: Séance table, skeleton
-Example goal: Control another Sim by pressing the L2 or R2 button
-This place is a haunted house, as if it weren't painfully obvious by the name

Club Rubb
-Theme: Night club
-Residents: Bing Bling (Break Dance) and Mona Lott (Dance Dirty)
-This is a night club and is missing its core component-  a dance floor
-Malcolm steals: dance floor, bar
-Example goal: Throw the ultimate DJ dance party

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