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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kill Bill Vol. II

Kill Bill Vol. II
-The Bride is back, and she's continuing her revenge on her ex-boss Bill. She takes aim at Bill's younger brother Budd and Elle Driver, the only survivors from a hit squad 4 years earlier

-Vivica A. Fox: Vernita Green
-Ambrosia Kelley: Nikki
-Michae4l Parks: Earl McGraw
-James Parks: Edgar McGraw
-Jonathan Lougrhran: Trucker
-Michael Bowen: Buck
-Yoshiyuki Morishita: Tokyo businsessman
-Jun Kunimara: Boss Tanaka
-Goro Daimon: Boss Honda
-Kazuki Kitamura: Boss Koji/Crazy 88
-Akaji Maro: Boss Ozawah
-Shun Sugata: Boss Benta

Did You Know?
-In the scene where Uma Thurman's character is taking a pregnancy test, she looks at a watch. It's a replica of a Rolex Daytona
-Excluding the people in the anime sequence, almost every character that is female is killed onscreen
-This movie says that at least 3 of the 6 characters of the Viper Squad are named after not named after species of Viper. Bill is Snake Charmer, The Black Mamba, the most venomous and deadly snake on Earth is a member of the Elapidae family, Elle's codename is California Moutain King Snake, completely harmless and known for eating other snakes
-The character Pai Mei's three inch punch is an honorable reference to Bruce Lee's three inch punch

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