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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Helen Mirren

I'm not sure why, but this actress is awesome. She can go from zero to kick butt in two seconds in an action movie, zero to drama in drama movies, and she makes any movie she's in instantly better, wow!! And plus, of all things, she's very beautiful for her age!!!

Helen Mirren
Birth name: Ilyena Lydia Vasilievna Mironoff
DOB: 7/26/1945
Where: Chiswick, London, England
Height: 5'4''

-Taylor Hackford: 12/31/1997-present

-Known as 'Dame' thanks to her receiving a knighthood
-Before marrying director Taylor Hackford in 1997, she had been living in Los Angeles since 1986
-Used to work at an amusement park in Southend on Sea as a "blagger" to attract customers
-Despite her Russian name and ancestry, she does not speak Russian, but instead speaks fluent French
-She is the only actress to play both Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth I (2005) and Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen (2006)
-New Orleans is her favorite American city
-Has a tattoo of a star on her left hand, acquired on a Native American reservation in Minnesota
-While on the set of Excalibur in 1981, she briefly dated Liam Neeson
Personal Quotes
Some of these make me laugh :D
-Flesh sells. People don't want to see pictures of churches. They want to see naked bodies.
-All you have to do is to look like crap on film and everyone thinks you're a brilliant actress. Actually, all you've done is look like crap.

Known For
-Beaty Simmons
The Long Good Friday
White Nights
-Galina Ivanova
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
-Georgina Spica
Where Angels Fear to Tread
-Lilia Herriton
The Madnesss of King George
-Queen Charlotte
Critical Care
Painted Lady (TV movie)
-Maggie Sheridan
The Prince of Egypt
-The Queen (voice)

Teaching Mrs. Tingle
-Mrs. Tingle
-Georgina Woodhouse
Gosford Park
-Mrs. Wilson

Calendar Girls
-Chris Harper
Raising Helen
The Queen
-The Queen

The Debt
-Rachel Singer

Joey Kramer

Joey Kramer
Birth name: Joseph Michael Kramer
DOB: 6/21/1950
Where: New York City, New York
Height: 5'6''
-Linda Kramer: 10/5/2009-present
-April Kramer: 1979-Dec. 2007, divorced, 2 kids

-Drummer for Aerosmith
-Suffered second degree burns when his Ferrari caught fire while refueling

Known For
Wayne's World
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing video

Brad Whitford

Brad Whitford
Birth name: Brad Ernest Whitford
DOB: 2/23/1952
Where: Winchester, Massachusetts
-Kimberly Whitford: 11/25/2006-present, 1 child
-Karen Lesser: 1980-2004, divorced, 3 kids
-Lori Phillips: Feb. 1976-1978, divorced

-Left Aerosmith in 1981 due to the band's inactivity
-Is not an original Aerosmith member. He joined in 1971 to replace Ray Tabano
-Shares a birthday with Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton
-Rhythm guitarist for Aerosmith

Known For
Wayne's World
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing video

Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton
Birth name: Thomas William Hamilton
DOB: 12/31/1951
Where: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Height: 6'1''
-Mr. Sweet Emotion

-Terry Cohen: January 1975-present 2 kids

-Bass guitarist for Aerosmith

Known For
Wayne's World
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing video

Joe Perry

Joe Perry
Birth name: Anthony Joseph Pereira
DOB: 9/10/1950
Where: Lawrence, Massachusetts
Height: 5'9''
-King of Cool
-Joe Freakin' Perry
-Toxic Twins (with Steven Tyler)

-Considered to be one of the TRUE guitar heroes
-Guitar riffs
-Gibson Les Paul
-Lead guitarist to Aerosmith
-Met Billie Montgomery in June 1983 during the filming of the video "Black Velvet Pants" with the Joe Perry Project. He married her at the Iao Needle in Maui, Hawaii on Sept. 21, 1985
-Left Aerosmith in 1979 after his wife Elyssa poured milk on Tom Hamilton's wife Terry
-Has 4 sons: Adrian Perry with Elyssa, Tony and Roman with Billie and stepson Aaron Hirsch from Billie's first marriage
-Is of Portugese/Italian descent. His father's family are Portugese immigrants from Madeira and his mother's family are Italian immigrants from Naples, Italy

Known For
Homicide: Life on the Street
-Joe Landrewsky
-Episode: Brotherly Love

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing video
9 (video game)
-The Twins (voice)
Wayne's World

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler
Birth name: Steven Victor Tallarico
DOB: 3/26/1948
Where: The Bronx, New York. He was raised in Yonkers, not born there
Height: 5'9''
Nickname: Demon of Screamin', The Toxic Twins (with Joe Perry)

-Teresa Barrick: 5/28/1988-January 2006, divorced, 2 kids, Taj, Chelsea
-Cyrinda Foxe: 9/1/1978-Nov. 1987, divorced, 1 child

-Performs with a long, colorful scarf-draped microphone
-Sharp, raw edged vocals
-Dirty lyrics
-His wild, sometimes out of control dancing
-His colorful clothes
-His lips
-His long hair
-His unique personality

-Lead singer of Boston hard rock band Aerosmith

-Is of Cherokee Indian, Italian, German, Russian descent
-Has two kids with second wife Teresa Barrick: Chelsea Tallarico and Taj Tallarico

-What he wants on his headstone:  Here lies Tyler, the Demon of Screamin', who never woke up from the dream he was dreamin', until one day he drank some magic potion, now all that's left is sweet emotion.

-Wears a small cross around his neck, inside of which contains a small knife
-His daughter Liv Tyler is the daughter of former Playboy model Bebe Buell. Up until she was 8 years old, Liv Tyler thought her dad was Todd Rundgren
-Mia Tyler's mom is Cyrinda Foxe
-In June 2003, he received an honorary degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston

-In 1981, he split his heel open when his motorcycle crashed into a tree

-As a teen, worked in a bakery to make money

-On Dec. 14, 2004, his daughter Liv gave birth to his first grandson, Milo William Langdon
-The title of one of Aerosmith's most famous songs "Walk This Way" was inspired by a line from the movie Young Frankenstein
-The song "Sweet Emotion" was written about Joe Perry's then wife Elyssa Jerret because Steven Tyler and her never got along and she even beat up her then husband Joe badly one day
-Is color blind
-As of Jan. 4, 2012, is engaged to Erin Brady

-Ranked #21 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists

Known For
-Nim Galuu
The Wonder Pets
-The Mad Hatter
-Episode: Adventures in Wonderland

The Polar Express
-Elf Lieutenant/Elf Singer
Goodnight, Joseph Parker
-David Foster
9 (video game)
-The Twins (voice)
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (video)

Wayne's World

Country Music Awards
-With Carrie Underwood: Undo It

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kill Bill Vol I

Kill Bill Vol I
-Led by her lover Bill, "The Bride" was a member of a deadly killer squad called the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. When she discovered she was pregnant, she left her life of murder. She fled to Texas, met a young man, who, on the day of their wedding, was gunned down by Bill, enraged with jealousy and with the help of the Deadly Viper Squad. 4 years later, she wakes up out of a coma and discovers her baby gone. She seeks revenge on the people who destroyed her life and murdered her baby

-Uma Thurman: The Bride
-Lucy Liu: O-Ren Ishii
-Vivica A. Fox: Vernita Green
-Daryl Hannah: Elle Driver
-David Carradine: Bill
-Michael Madsen: Budd
-Julie Dreyfus: Sofie Fatale
-Chiaki Kuriyama: Gogo Yubari
-Sonny Chiba: Hattori Hanzo
-Chia Hui Liu: Johnny Mo
-Michael Parks: Earl McGraw
-Michael Bowen: Buck

Did You Know?
-Director Quentin Tarrantino delayed the production start date because Uma Thurman was pregnant
-As a 30th birthday present, Quentin Tarrantino offered Uma Thurman the role of "The Bride"
-When using martial arts in the movie, Quentin wanted to keep it as close to the real thing as possible. So, when including the Chinese martial art wuxia, he gave Robert Richardson, who was the director of photography, a list of movies as a crash course in the visual style needed
-Part of the movie was shot at the Shaw Brothers Creative Group in Hong Kong, where so many martial arts movies have been done before, not to mention Quentin has seen their movies and felt it was important to work there
-Each character in the movie has a nickname after a breed of snake
-The members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad are all named after snakes: Sidewinder, Black Mamba, Cottonmouth, Copperhead, California Mountain (King). They are also names of Captain America's enemies
-Quentin had 3 different actors represent their home countries. Chia Hui Liu represents China, Sonny Chiba represents Japan and David Carradine represents the US
-Okinawa is referred to as the worst place to get good sushi, according to people on the set
-Sonny Chiba makes katanas, or to most people 'Samurai Swords' in real life. His character, Hattori Hanzo, is a renowned katana maker and has made a blood oath to never create an instrument of death again

-Originally, O-Ren Ishii was to be played by a Japanese actress. But after the director saw Lucy Liu in Shanghai Noon, he changed it to be a Chinese-Japanese American character so Liu could play her
-This became the first movie to use the F word less than 100 times. It's only used 17 times

-During the scene when O-Ren Ishii celebrates her ascension to the head of the Yakuza, or Japanese Mafia, she's wearing a black kimono. It is a kurotomesode with long sleeves, dangling near the floor. This is the most formal kimono, normally worn by married women and would only be made with short sleeves

Kill Bill Vol. II

Kill Bill Vol. II
-The Bride is back, and she's continuing her revenge on her ex-boss Bill. She takes aim at Bill's younger brother Budd and Elle Driver, the only survivors from a hit squad 4 years earlier

-Vivica A. Fox: Vernita Green
-Ambrosia Kelley: Nikki
-Michae4l Parks: Earl McGraw
-James Parks: Edgar McGraw
-Jonathan Lougrhran: Trucker
-Michael Bowen: Buck
-Yoshiyuki Morishita: Tokyo businsessman
-Jun Kunimara: Boss Tanaka
-Goro Daimon: Boss Honda
-Kazuki Kitamura: Boss Koji/Crazy 88
-Akaji Maro: Boss Ozawah
-Shun Sugata: Boss Benta

Did You Know?
-In the scene where Uma Thurman's character is taking a pregnancy test, she looks at a watch. It's a replica of a Rolex Daytona
-Excluding the people in the anime sequence, almost every character that is female is killed onscreen
-This movie says that at least 3 of the 6 characters of the Viper Squad are named after not named after species of Viper. Bill is Snake Charmer, The Black Mamba, the most venomous and deadly snake on Earth is a member of the Elapidae family, Elle's codename is California Moutain King Snake, completely harmless and known for eating other snakes
-The character Pai Mei's three inch punch is an honorable reference to Bruce Lee's three inch punch