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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ace responds to Paul Stanley's anti-Semitic accusation

Let's see what Ace has to say!
Here's, yet again, another feud going on between current members of the band Kiss and previous members. This time, it's a response to accusations that Paul Stanley made to Ace Frehley about being Anti-Semitic

Ace simply says this "We say good things about each other and we say bad things about each other [in our memoirs], but it is what it is". "“It’s rock and roll. I mean, if all we did was pat each other on the back for every book, people would say, ‘That’s a boring book.’ They want to hear the dirt. I’ve got plenty of dirt"

Meanwhile, Peter Criss took a less calm approach to these accusations, saying he was not a racist, and that his favorite aunt was actually Jewish. Because when he was younger, he and his friends would pick on the Hasidic Jews around his neighborhood and when he found out one of his aunts, who happened to be his favorite aunts, was Jewish, he stopped it.

But Peter says he's not suing and Ace doesn't worry about it. He basically says they're still friends with each other, no matter what

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