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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just another rock feud!

Why Paul Stanley told Slash to go F--- yourself
During the 1980s, Paul Stanley of Kiss wanted nothing more than to help struggling L.A. rock band Guns N' Roses

According to Stanley, in his new book Face the Music: A Life Exposed, he approached the rookie band at the beginning of their work on Appetite for Destruction. At first, looks didn't impress, with Stanley describing Izzy Stradlin as being unconscious, looking like he had drool coming out of his mouth and Slash as half comatose

After night two, trouble started brewing. "They weren’t happy with the guy mixing their sound", Stanley says.  "And Slash asked me out of the blue to help out. Decades later, Slash’s recollections of the night would be faulty at best. He liked to pretend I had dared to meddle with their sound"

He also adds "Immediately after my interactions with the band, I started to hear lots of stories Slash was saying behind my back — he called me gay, made fun of my clothes, all sorts of things designed to give him some sort of rock credibility at my expense. This was years before his top hat, sunglasses and dangling cigarette became a cartoon costume that he would continue to milk with the best of us for decades". Some would say this is ironic, considering that Paul is currently wearing makeup and costumes for the band Kiss. Sort of like, a pot calling the kettle black

Later on, Stanley says Slash called back. "You want me to help you get guitars after you went around saying all that s— about me behind my back?" His response was "“You know, one thing you’re going to have to learn is not to air your dirty laundry in public. Nice knowing you. Go f— yourself". But Slash has long since apologized and so has Stanley. Slash said he chalked his behavior that night up to arrogance

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