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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Birthdays

Since it's April, let's give a big, huge Happy Birthday wish to the following people

-It's so sad he got killed on Law and Order. He was cute!!
-Birth name: Jamie St. john Bamber Griffith
-DOB: 4/3/1973
-Where: Hammersmith, London, England
-Going to be: 41
-Received the highest degree in college possible: a 1sr Class MA Honours in Modern Languages from Cambridge University
Love his baby blues! ;)
-Birth name: Paul Daniel Frehley
-DOB: 4/27/1951
-Where: The Bronx, New York
-Going to be: 63
-Has an IQ of 164, which is true genius!
-Birth name: Susan Magdalane Boyle
-DOB: 4/1/1961
-Where: Blackburn, Scotland
-Going to be: 54
-Was bullied as a child
-Birth name: Li Lian Jie
-DOB: 4/26/1963
-Where: Beijing, China
-Going to be: 51
-Studies English with a tutor for 4 hours a day
Paul Nicholls
-Birth name: Paul Gerald Greenhalgh
-DOB: 4/12/1979
-Where: Bolton, Lancashire, England
-Going to be: 35
-When he joined the cast of EastEnders, he became the guy whose picture decorated the wall of every teenaged girl's room

Man, English guys are CUTE!
-Birth name: Peter Moffett
-DOB: 4/13/1951
-Where: Streatham, London, England
-Going to be: 63
-Held the record for being the youngest actor to play Doctor Who, at age 29. But this record was broken in 2009 as 26 year old actor Matt Smith was cast
-Birth name: Hannah Louise Spearritt
-DOB: 4/1/1981
-Where: Norfolk, England
-Going to be: 34
-Best known for playing Abby Maitland on Primeval
-Birth name: Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson
-DOB: 4/11/1960
-Where: Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England
-Going to be: 54
-He's known for his outspoken, sometimes sarcastic opinions, as seen on Top Gear
John Cena
-Birth name: John Felix Anthony Cena
-DOB: 4/23/1977
-Where: West Newbury, Massachusetts
-Going to be: 37
-Has a degree in exercise physiology and movement studies
-Birth name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
-DOB: 4/15/1990
-Where: Paris, France
-Going to be: 24
-Her favorite actor is Johnny Depp
-Birth name: Andres Arturo Garcia Menendez
-DOB: 4/12/1956
-Where: Havana, Cuba
-Going to be: 58
-Refuses to do nude scenes

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