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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sometimes I wish I were as beautiful as these women

Georgia May Jagger
-Some may not call her a beauty, but I think she is beautiful. That gap in her teeth is her trademark, just like the large lips are her dad's trademark. What's really strange is that every time I see a commercial for Rimmel London on TV, I see her. I love knowing that I know who the gap-toothed model on those commercials is. Although my mom says "Man, you could drive a truck through that gap!" Really mean, if u ask me! And my mom thinks she's not so pretty and when she finds out it's Mick Jagger's daughter, she says "Well, that isn't surprising; he's not too good looking himself"
Kate Winslet
-She's smart, beautiful and just a good actress. I really wish I had her beauty
Elizabeth Jagger
-Really hard to believe she's related to Georgia and that their dad is Mick Jagger. What makes it a little easier to believe is when you look at their lips! They both have the full lips their dad is known for. I really wish I were as pretty as her or her sister Georgia

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