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Monday, July 6, 2015

Book Review: The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg

If you are into historical fiction and you are interested in the history of the Holocaust, this might interest you.
-The Holocaust is in full swing and Adolf Hitler and his regiment of Nazis begin putting the final touches on the "Final Solution". Anyone who is considered to be non-Aryans (blond hair and blue eyes, known as the Master Race) will be rounded up and sent to labor and death camps spread throughout Europe. And for Jacob Weisz, who is Jewish and living in Germany with his family, they are some of those "non-Aryans".

-Meanwhile, in France, Jean-Luc Leclerc is an assistant pastor at a small parish in the French countryside. One day, a Hasidic Jewish family shows up at the door of his house where he and his wife live. Suddenly, Jean-Luc finds himself in the unwitting position of hosting Jewish families fleeing from the Holocaust. Suddenly he and other pastors in the French countryside begin saving these families. Jacob manages to join an underground resistance movement that his uncle Avi runs. These rebels are trying to make their way to Budapest to spread the word of the evil that Hitler has in mind for the Jewish of the world. One night, when trying to intercept a train of Hungarian Jews heading to the most notorious of the Nazi camps, Auschwitz, Jacob frees them but gets trapped in the boxcar instead.

-While in the car, he meets an older man who tells him to shed his old identity if he plans to survive. Over time, he and this older man create a sort of father-son bond. As time goes on, Jacob begins to realize just what Auschwitz and the dozens of other camps were created for- the total extermination of the Jewish race. When in camp, Jacob starts to befriend the French pastor Jean-Luc, who goes by Luc and they hatch a plan to make one of the most bold, daring moves in history-escape from Auschwitz.

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