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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Glenn Tipton

This is the lead guitarist for Judas Priest. If you know anything about Judas Priest, you'll quickly know this band has TWO lead guitarists, Glenn Tipton and KK Downing. Or rather Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner now. Cool, he was born in the same month as me, how awesome! Also, a good majority of the info on Glenn Tipton can be found on his own personal site, listed below. Didn't know he had one :D. You can honestly trust the info from his site, considering he's the one who owns it, lol. All the information will be accurate. For his age, I think he's in great shape

Birth name: Glenn Raymond Tipton
DOB: 10/25/1947
Where: Birmingham, England

-Recorded a solo album in 1997 titled Baptizm of Fire and in 2006 Edge of the World

-Left school at 17 to work for British Steel. (Isn't it ironic how later in Judas Priest they would have an album titled British Steel?)
-Started playing guitar around 19 years of age
-His mother Olive was a piano tutor
-Has a brother named Gary
-When he's not shredding on his guitar with Judas Priest, he can often be found outdoors. His favorite hobbies include tennis, football (soccer to Americans), building and flying model airplanes, drawing and painting, however he considers his main passion to be fishing
-Some of his musical influences include: The Spencer Davies Group, Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, early Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era), Rory Gallagher, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles. He also finds inspiration in classical music, film music because he says it touches him emotionally.
-His first band was called Shave 'Em Dry, and consisted of Dave Sheldon (Ozzy) on bass, him on guitar, Barry Scrannage (Spence) on drums. Spence was even with him during his days in the Flying Hat Band.
-While with The Flying Hat Band, the band was working in Birmingham with an agency managed by Jim Simpson, who happened to work closely with Black Sabbath. This also happened to be the same agency where Judas Priest was with. Gull Records, who Judas Priest recorded through, was told to either get another guitarist or a keyboard player. They approached Glenn and asked him if he was interested. This was shortly before the May 1974 release of Rocka Rolla.
-Released a solo album called Baptizm by Fire. Helping Glenn out on it was drummer Cozy Powell, Billy Sheehan, Shannon Larkin, John Entwistle, Robert Trujillo, Brooks Wackerman. In 2006, he released his second album, Edge of the World. Cozy Powell helped out on this album, John Entwistle provided bass assistance. He thought that there might need to be a singer, but Cozy encouraged Glenn to sing and it worked out perfectly.

Personal Quotes
-[on Judas Priest] Everybody's got their own favorite Priest songs for different reasons. It could be a point in your life that was a low point where a Priest song helps you get through, or it could be a happy point in your life when you just enjoy Priest music. Or it could remind you of your college days. I've sort of given up being surprised by people's choices

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