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Monday, July 20, 2015

Random post of the day: Pics of Glenn Tipton

After checking out his Edge of the World album, I have to say I'm honestly amazed at his music. I never knew he could sing. He sounds very handsome when singing and is a very good singer, definitely different than the resident Judas Priest Metal God Rob Halford, but awesome in his own way. And to be honest, I only found out he had a solo career after reading Judas Priest: Heavy Metal Painkillers, a biography of one of the bigger names in metal. Here are some random pics of Glenn, who my sister seems to think is cute, even today, lol. Even I have to admit he's still handsome. He might have wrinkles, but no one stays young forever. The fact that he's still rail thin as always and still fits into leather pants and is still rocking with Priest: can you say awesome?

This is strange seeing Glenn with facial hair :O

Aww, how adorable

Very handsome

Looking very nice for his age :D

Rocking with the Metal God

This is something you'll never see Glenn do now: appear bare chested

I have this picture as my wallpaper at work. Every time someone sees it, they constantly ask me "Who's that? He's kind of cute". Hahahahahahaha!

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