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Monday, July 6, 2015

Kids getting detention for the strangest things

These kids get detention for things that can only make you laugh. If you're having a bad day, these detention notices will surely get those laughter-induced tears rolling! Plus, some of these kids are brilliant!! And besides, sometimes you just need a good laugh...

Reason: Disrupting class by standing, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a Superman T-shirt and announcing he was Superman
Reason: Stapling students' clothing together
Reason: IM conversations w/other male students about 'Hide and Go Poop' game (a poop contest)

Reason: "I'm gonna twerk on you at Homecoming. You better tip me. I ain't shakin' this booty for free."

Reason: Caught Lucas searching "boobies" while other students were overlooking at the photos

Reason: Michael finished his group work early, so he took a laptop (without permission) and began looking at pictures of pugs

Reason: another student made the comment "you need to push it in further" and another added "That's what she said"
Reason: Physical disruption. Leaping with intent to fly
Reason: Threw a lamp at another student and told him to "Lighten the f--- up!"
Reason: Lucas entered the café in a rolling office chair. He was told by a monitor to return it to the journal office. He pushed it with his feet out the door very fast. A few minutes after he ran into the café with a mask on his face holding a sign saying "occupy the cafeteria"
Reason: Taking off shirt in the middle of class and yelling "Come at me, bro!" at another student
Reason: Broke into school and put car in hallway
Reason: Pooping on fellow students for money. (Can someone say hepatitis city?)
Reason: Drawing a chicken with male anatomical parts and displaying it in class. (This sounds like something my sister would do. And then brag about it)
Reason: Telling a student he can find his pencil up his a**
Reason: Dropped the f bomb on a girl that wasn't nice to her friend (Wow, if this is not the most pathetic thing ever. Such drama with high school girls)
Reason: Constant disruption. Corrected many times. Said "My grandmother has a UTI infection"
Reason: Horseplaying with a student named Tim. It appeared he was "twisting Timmy's nipples"
Reason: Jamming pencil into electric socket. (What is the fascination with high school and middle school age kids jamming crap into electric sockets? I hope they know what happens when you mix electric with metal! I had classmates in high school and middle school who would do this all the time for giggles. They'd steal forks and knives from the cafeteria and stick them into the nearest electrical socket, probably hoping to blow the power and go home early from school)
Reason: Noah asked the substitute teacher "Have you ever smoked pot?"
Reason: Student asked to watch the Olympic Ice Hockey game. I said "No", he said "You're a Communist, Communist, Communist". Inappropriate speech
Reason: Kevin defied a direct instruction from a teacher while on a City Journey excursion. He was told to go straight to the train station. But instead he chose to stop in a 7-11 to purchase a Slurpee. (This kid is pure GENIUS)

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