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Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Birthdays

Since it's July, time to say Happy Birthday to the following people

Liv Tyler
-Birth name: Liv Rundgren
-DOB: 7/1/1977
-Where: New York City, New York
-Grew up thinking her father was rock star Todd Rundgren until she found out Steven Tyler was her father and she took his name
Sylvester Stallone
-Birth name: Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone
-DOB: 7/6/1946
-Where: New York City, New York
-Hates his name Sylvester; insists on going by "Sly" instead
Ringo Starr
-Birth name: Richard Starkey
-DOB: 7/7/1940
-Where: Liverpool, Merseyside, England
-Got his stage name "Ringo Starr" from the fact that "Starr" is a shortened version of his last name, Starkey and "Ringo" from the fact he wore a lot of rings
Ronnie James Dio
-Birth name: Ronald James Padavona
-DOB: 7/10/1942
-Where: Portsmouth, New Jersey
-DOD: 5/16/2010
-Where: Los Angeles, California (stomach cancer)
-Popularized the famed "Metal Horns" gesture, which is now seen at every hard rock/heavy metal concert
Mick Jagger
-Birth name: Michael Phillip Jagger
-DOB: 7/26/1943
-Where: Dartford, Kent, England
-His longtime girlfriend, fashion designed L'Wren Scott, was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on March 17, 2014
Eric Carr
-Birth name: Paul Charles Caravello
-DOB: 7/12/1950
-Where: Brooklyn, New York
-DOD: 11/24/1991
-Where: New York City, New York (cancer)
-Kiss' 1991 Revenge album is dedicated to him
Daniel Radcliffe
-Birth name: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe
-DOB: 7/23/1989
-Where: Fulham, London, England
-In August 2009, became involved with the Trevor Project, which is a national (US) suicide prevention line for LGBT teens
Geddy Lee
-Birth name: Gary Lee Weinrib
-DOB: 7/29/1963
-Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Known for his extremely high pitched vocals, which he says he does so he can be heard over the guitar and drums
Helen Mirren
-For her age, whatever that may be, she looks incredible! It's like she never ages :D
-Birth name: Helen Lydia Mironoff
-DOB: 7/26/1945
-Where: Chiswick, London, England
-Has a star tattoo on her left hand from a Native American reservation in Minnesota
Jean Reno
-Birth name: Juan Moreno y Herrera Jimenez
-DOB: 7/30/1948
-Where: Casablanca, Morocco
-Due to his tall build, he has always played villainous type roles. But due to his skills in acting, he had managed to land all types of roles
Geezer Butler
-Birth name: Terence Michael Joseph Butler
-DOB: 7/17/1949
-Where: Birmingham, England
-Earned the nickname "Geezer"(a British slang term for guy or dude) because he had a habit of referring to everyone as a geezer
-Birth name: Saul Hudson
-DOB: 7/23/1965
-Where: Hampstead, London, England
-Has dual citizenship to the UK and the US

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