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Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 08 - Most overrated book

At first, I thought the Fifty Shades of Grey series was overrated. I often heard people talking about them. When the series first came out, I was working in the bookstore of the college I was attending for graphic design. One day, I was loading up copies of the book and when I turned around, the ones I had just loaded onto the shelf were gone, lol!! Turns out there were a lot of women in the store that day and walking away with books of this series I had just loaded on to the shelves, lol!! After reading them out of curiosity (mostly my sister pestering me saying "They're really good, trust me") with a wink of her eyes, I couldn't help but laugh and cave in, lol. I have to admit, they are a bit explicit in some parts, especially when it's more or less described what sexual act Ana is going to experience with Christian. But they're good. They're definitely for adults, though and if someone, somehow ignores the "Warning: Mature Audience. Erotic romance" warning on the back, that's on you if someone underage reads these, lol!!
Now I think the Hunger Games series are kinda overrated. That's not to say others don't like them. I just don't understand them. What are they about? I've seen previews of the movies and all I can make of them is it's about some kind of life-or-death game where there's violence and war. Not my cup of tea, lol. Although just to be funny, I like green tea and English Breakfast tea, (just like the character Ana Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, lol). Although when my mom and sister heard I finished reading those, they look at me every time they see "English Breakfast Tea" at the store because I apparently remind them a little of Ana, at least in the sense that I want to go to London like she does and I drink the aforementioned tea, lol!!! Sorry, rambling as usual...

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