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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 27 - The most surprising plot twist or ending

Hmmm, this one is hard. I guess it would have to be Private Down Under and Private Games by James Patterson

Private Games
-Peter Knight is the new head of Private London after his former boss Dan Carter and his employees perished in a mysterious plane crash. He's got his work cut out for him. London has been chosen to host the 2012 Olympic Games and he's working with Private agents from around the world coming in to get their security passes. Meanwhile, a madman named Cronus and his three Furies are trying to put an end to the games
-The surprising ending was that when Cronus, who turned out to be a character named Marcus Morris, who was head of a security group working with Knight, is fighting with Knight atop the Olympic Flame tower, Knight sticks a workman's screwdriver into Cronus' eye and he staggers backward, falling into the flame, the fire consuming his body
Private Down Under
-Craig Gisto is overwhelmed with the preparations of opening Sydney's new investigative firm. When the party is in full swing, a young man staggers into the party with a black bag over his head and his body full of holes. When the bag is removed, it's discovered his eyes have been cut out. As the investigation unfolds, it's discovered he is the son of a former Hong Kong police officer living in Sydney with his other son, Dai. And that this young victim was held hostage by members of the Chinese Triad. To make matters worse, they get another case during this one. A 26 year old Australian rockstar named Mickey Spencer comes in, claiming his manager is trying to make him a member of the famed "Forever 27" club
-The surprising ending was that his girlfriend, a Russian woman named Katia, is the one trying to kill him. He was giving a birthday party for his big 2-7 and Katia waited until he was high on cocaine to try and kill him. There, she reveals that Mickey impregnated her sister, Anais, in Moscow after a show and she went to a back alley abortionist and it killed her. She was mad at Mickey for impregnating her sister and her dying as a result

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