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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 19 - Favorite book turned into a movie

Hahahahahahahahaha. This is going to be interesting...

First Blood
-David Morell
-John Rambo is a war-torn Vietnam Vet on his way to meet up with members of his former military team. As he is passing through the small town of Madison, Kentucky, his disheveled appearance quickly gains the attention of the local sheriff, Will Teasle. The sheriff arrests him and he and his deputies practically torture him, forcing him to relive flashbacks and escapes, forcing the sheriff to call in his former CO to track down a man that could out-survive him
-Loosely based on Immortality, Inc by Robert Sheckley
-A man is brought from the past into the future as the recipient of a mind transplant for a rich, but dying businessman
Harry Potter
-JK Rowling
-A child wizard who managed to defeat a dark wizard goes to a magic school and learns all he needs to know in the world of magic
The Green Mile
-Stephen King
-A black man named John Coffey is accused of raping and murdering two little girls. Paul Edgecomb realizes this prisoner did not do it and also realizes he's not like other prisoners
-Stephen King
-Carrie White is the daughter of a fanatical religious woman who has convinced her daughter menstruation is a sin. When Carrie gets her first menstrual period in the shower, she thinks she is dying. She is a heavily bullied girl with secret telekinetic mind powers which she puts to devastating use at her high school's annual Spring Ball
-Stephen King
-BTW, there's a pattern here, isn't there? LOL!!!
-In the small fictional town of Derry, a hideous monster disguised as a clown is killing kids. It's up to a group of kids, who grow up together, to fight the monster that haunted their town

Fifty Shades of Grey
-E.L. James
-Ana Steele is a shy, inexperienced college student going to interview a mysterious billionaire playboy named Christian Grey in place of her friend Katherine Kavanaugh. Little does Ana know that Christian is heavily into S&M, BDSM, bondage, etc. He introduces her to this world while she manages to change him

Memoirs of a Geisha
-Arthur Golden
-Chiyo and her fifteen year old sister Satsu are essentially sold into slavery by their parents. Satsu is not attractive and is sold into a house of prostitution in the Miyagawa-cho section of Gion in Kyoto while Chiyo, with her attractive blue eyes, is sent to an okiya (geisha boarding house) in the Tominaga-cho section of Gion to become a geisha

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