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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 26 - A book that changed your opinion about something

18 and Life on Skid Row
-Sebastian Bach
-How this book changed my opinion on something is my opinion on Jon Bon Jovi and Ted Nugent. I don't mind Ted Nugent's music. It's good, but it's just him I can't stand as a person. There's one chapter in here that reinforces my dislike of Nugent. Sebastian and Ted were doing some kind of televised interview on something and suddenly Ted goes on to this rant about he's blacker than James Brown, etc. etc. And two of the film crew are guys who happen to be black. This angers Sebastian because he grew up in the Bahamas and was the only white boy in a class of black children and because of that, he has a deep appreciation for all walks of life. He got up and stormed off. Later on, he met up with those same two camera crew members who thanked him for standing up for them.

As for Bon Jovi, I learned just how arrogant he is. He was so worried about Sebastian Bach screwing up that he told him not to do this and that. One night, outside the concert he was getting ready to perform, local police used a stun gun on him because they thought he was drinking vodka in public when it was really water. He has a habit of drinking plenty of water before shows. Jon Bon Jovi urged him not to rant about it on stage. WRONG! He chose to rant about it. And unfortunately, Skid Row got kicked off the Bon Jovi tour. In fact, they've been kicked off and brought back so many times it will make your head spin. Not only that. Jon Bon Jovi was jealous that Skid Row merchandise was outselling Bon Jovi merchandise at the merchandise tables. Sebastian often talked to Richie Sambora in the band. He talked to all the band members except Jon Bon Jovi for obvious reasons, lol

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