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Friday, July 1, 2011

Across the Universe

I recently watched the movie Across the Universe, as the title says. I have to say it was totally awesome, it was a little weird in some parts, but overall it totally ruled! I'm sure if John and George were still alive and they saw this, they'd be crying tears of happiness to know that their music still lives on, and that the younger generation listens to them.

Here's hopefully the most accurate description of the movie I can give. A young man named Jude(Jim Sturgess) decides to leave Liverpool, England to go to America to find his estranged father. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, a girl named Lucy(Evan Rachel Wood) is planning on going to college. She goes to New York and while hanging at a nightclub with her friends, that's where she meets Jude for the first time. Over time the 2 slowly fall in love, and while they fall in love, the turbulent Vietnam War rages on and protests and riots are through the roof. Somehow the 2 get involved in the protests going on in Greenwich Village, and Jude goes to find Lucy, only to be hampered by police holding him back, he fights the police and ends up in jail. After all that, the 2 end up together. It's like a 1960s Romeo and Juliet story with a rocking soundtrack from the Beatles. Also there's a cameo by U2's Bono in the movie. I give this movie a 10 out of 10 rating, a 5 out of 5 star rating. It's the best movie ever! And it's perfect for any Beatles lover out there! I certainly enjoyed it, but a word of advice-- there is a slight amount of bad language and a moderate amount of female/male nudity, specifically towards the end where there is a scene depicting Jude and Lucy kissing and such completely bare naked. It's romantic, but some might say otherwise.

  • Lucy-Evan Rachel Wood
  • Jim Sturgess-Jude
  • Joe Anderson-Max
  • Dana Fuchs-Sadie
  • Martin Luther McCoy-Jojo
  • T.V. Carpio- Prudence
  • Timothy T. Mitchum-Jojo's younger brother
  • Carol Woods- Gospel singer
  • Orfeh- Hooker #1
  • Tracy Nicole Chapman- Hooker #2
  • Jacob Pitts- Desmond
  • Logan Marshall-Green-Paco
  • Bono-Dr. Robert
  • Salma Hayek-Bang Bang Shoot Shoot nurses
  • James Urbaniak- Sadie's manager
  • Eddie Izzard- Mr. Kite
  • Harry Lennix- Army sergeant
  • Lawrence Leritz- singing riot cop
  • Joe Cocker-pimp/mad hippie/bum
  • Lisa Hogg- Jude's mom
  • Robert Clohessy- Wesley, Jude's father
  • Dylan Baker and Lisa Emond- Mr. and Mrs. Carrigan
  • Lynn Cohen- Grandma Carrigan
  • Bill Irwin-Uncle Teddy
  • Spencer Liff- Daniel, Lucy's boyfriend
Pictures from the movie

Man what a cutie!!!!!!! Kinda looks like a cross between a young Paul McCartney and a young George Harrison


  1. Ive not seen this, i'll have to find it. I agree, that young man is sweet! xx