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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A is for Aerosmith

Aerosmith is a hard rock band based out of Boston, Massachusetts. They are often referred to the Bad Boys of Rock and America's Greatest Rock and Roll band. In alot of ways, these guys hare alot in common with the Rolling Stones out of London, and Aerosmith is often also referred to as the American Rolling Stones. From the fact that the lead singers of both Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones both have a similar large facial feature, they also do similar types of music.

The kind of music that Aerosmith specializes in is blues-based hard rock and they also include pop, heavy metal, and R&B. There are 5 members of this band: lead singer Steven Tyler, lead guitarist Joe Perry, drummer Joey Kramer, bassist Tom Hamilton and guitarist Ray Tabano. This band started in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970. In 1971, Ray Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford.

Steven Tyler plays harmonica, keyboards, percussion, lead vocals
Joe Perry plays lead guitar and back up vocals
Brad Whitford plays rhythm guitar
Joey Kramer plays the drums and percussion
Tom Hamilton plays the bass and provides back up vocals

Here are some of their albums:

Jan. 13, 1973-Aerosmith
March 1, 1974- Get Your Wings
April 8, 1975-Toys in the Attic
May 3, 1976-Rocks
Dec. 1, 1977-Draw the Line
Nov. 1, 1979-Night in the Ruts
August 1, 1982-Rock in a Hard Place
Nov. 9, 1985-Done with Mirrors
Sept. 5, 1987-Permanent Vacation
Sept. 8, 1989- Pump
Arpil 20, 1993- Get a Grip
March 18, 1997- Nine Lives
March 6, 2001- Just Push Play
March 30, 2004-Honkin on Bobo




current pictures of them

Aerosmith in Simpson form

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