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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Forever 27 club

If you listen to music alot, especially older music, then you may know what I'm talking about. The Forever 27 club is a club that consists of all musicians who died at the age of 27, and now with the passing of British soul singer Amy Winehouse, she is now added to the list.

Here's a list of all who died at 27 and are in the "club"

Brian Jones- July 3, 1969. Drowned

Jimi Hendrix- Sept. 18, 1970. Choked to death

Janis Joplin- Oct. 4, 1970. Heroin overdose

Jim Morrison- July 3, 1971. listed as heart failure, probable drug overdose

Kurt Cobain- April 5, 1994. ruled as suicide, most probable cause is drug overdose.

Dave Alexander- Feb. 10, 1975. heart condition

Jacob Miller- March 23, 1980. car crash

Amy Winehouse- July 23, 2011. apparent drug overdose.


  1. It is so odd that these great artists all die at 27! so sad... poor amy,, adore the her voice and alwys new she was on the edge..but never thought she would actually pass over

  2. I loved Amy Winehouse. She sang from what was obviously a very bruised and battered heart. Kurt Cobain - possibly the most gorgeous man on earth. I love the video of him singing "Man who sold the World."
    We have had a 3 day free music festival in our city this weekend. It's been great - I thought about how much you would have loved it x