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An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind~Gandhi
The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspirational Figures

Do you have anyone who inspires you? I know I may have done a previous post about who inspires me, but I love to talk about who inspires me.

Martin Luther King Jr.

How Martin Luther King Jr. inspires me is he believed in a world united, in a world where race didn't matter, where everyone could coexist peacefully and nonviolently. I say way to go Dr. King! All he believed in was a world united, and how does that end up? He is killed by a sniper in Memphis, while standing on the walkway outside his room at the Lorraine Motel. That's sad!!!! I find him to be a source of inspiration because he didn't single out just the blacks, but people from all walks of life, and for that, I salute him!!!!! He didn't have to die. But I guess that's what happens when people don't agree with things or things don't go their way! If Dr. King is looking down from heaven, he should know alot of people care about him and alot of people are trying to realize the dream that he was trying to do before he was taken from his place on earth.,_Jr.
Rosa Parks

How Rosa Parks inspires me is she refused to give her seat up to a white man, thus starting the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, and as a result of this, the Montgomery Bus systems lagged in fares. Most of the citizens of Montgomery, Alabama were black and most of them were the principal boycotters and also paying customers. This was not the first move towards civil rights. She was also a secretary for the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). How she basically inspires me is she stood up for what she believed in, she refused to give her seat up just because she realized that she didn't have to give up her seat just because he was white. For some reason, during the 1950s and 1960s, racial segregation and civil rights were big issues, especially down South. Not everyone was like that though, it was a few people who give all the good ones bad names.

Andy Warhol

How Andy Warhol inspires me is he is an artist, I'm going to school for art. When he does art, it's cool looking and also, he does pop art, which I like. The pop art he does is almost like a symbol of the 1960s. He has this unique way of making art look cool and unique and unlike other artists and I like that. He basically did stuff that no one else did, he was what seemed like an adventurous soul, doing movies, art and all kinds of things, I especially adore his pop art that he made, like the ones of celebrities and stuff. He could paint something that looks like crap to the untrained eye of regular people, but looks like $1 million worth of art to those who know how to look at it. He inspires me because he has a unique way of making art stand out among the fine art of our world.

Bob Marley

How Bob Marley inspires me is he was a kind, loving soul. He made music that was popular, and plus it had a good Jamaican beat to it. If I were to hypothetically listen to Reggae music, it'll be his I'll listen to. He was a kind, loving person who made music people like. It was so sad how he died, acral lentiginous melanoma, a form of malignant melanoma, aka skin cancer. He basically died from skin cancer. Well, I hope he's in peace now, Reggae-ing it up in heaven for the angels up there. I hate when bad things happen to good people.
Bruce Lee

John Lennon

How John Lennon inspires me is he believed in giving peace a chance, in fact I think it was even a song! He was a nonviolent man, he believed in peace and love and I'm all for that! And for some reason, people seem to think it was a big deal when he started seeing Yoko  Ono, and they make it seem like he should not have fallen in love with her and that she was the reason the Beatles broke up. I personally don' see Yoko Ono as the reason the Beatles broke up and I don't see Yoko as a person to hate or a threat. I mean, you look at John and all you can see is a good musician and a kind, sweet, loviong soul. I bet he was a very loving man, and how was he repaid for his love to Yoko and life of nonviolence? He was brutally murdered by Mark David Chapman outside his apartment at the Dakota in front of his wife Yoko. Can you imagine how hard it is to be outside and be the only witness to your husband's murder? Can you imagine being the doctor or coroner who had to perform the autopsy on Lennon? If I was in that job and someone told me that I had to perform an autopsy on Lennon, I'd be throwing up because I'd be so physically ill, I couldn't do it, I'd be sp physically racked with crying I couldn't do it!! I don't see why he had to die, all he believed in was giving peace a chance and some, pardon my French, asshole had to kill him with 4 bullets to the head? The asshole didn't even have the guts to face Lennon as he killed him. But Lennon is at peace now, singing Imagine for a different crowd now. RIP John Lennon, you are sorely missed by all!!!

Charlie Watts How Charlie Watts inspires me is he gives me hope that even though people become famous, they don't forget where they came from and that marriages in Hollywood and in the world of fame last longer than 10 years. He's been married to the same woman for over 40 years, that's a pretty strong marriage. He married his sweetheart Shirley Shepard on October 14, 1964 and on March 18, 1968, their one and only child, a daughter they named Seraphina, was born. They have been married for over 46 years!! It seems like marriages in the world of fame are not supposed to last long, someone gets married and they either cheat on that person after a few years or they divorce and move on. But thank God for Charlie Watts and his beautiful wife Shirley Shepard. They prove that marriage can be based on love and last forever! I hope they stay in love 4 ever because they are a most beautiful couple. And unlike the rest of the band who usually end up screwing roadies and/or other women, Charlie has never done this, he's been completely faithful to his wife and I respect that most about him, plus he never tries to get his face in the papers, he's the quietest one in the Stones and that's probably why along with the fact that he likes to keep his personal life private and I mean PRIVATE! And the only public thing that ever involved him was an incident in the mid 1980s, when an intoxicated Jagger called up Watts in the middle of the night to say "Where's my drummer?" So he got up, shaved, put on a nice, clean suit and tie and went down the stairs and punched Mick Jagger in the face saying "Don't ever call me your drummer again. You're my f***ing singer!" That's the most violent that Charlie has ever gotten!

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