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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Video Games

Yeah, I'm probably one of the few girls who actually does play video games. But the ones I usually play aren't violent or pornographic or bloody or gory or anything. Although some of the games I've played sometimes do tend to have a little violence in them. Here are some of my favorite games:

Jet Li: Rise to Honor
In this game, you play as Kit Yun, an undercover Hong Kong police man undercover in the Chinese Triads. When his boss is killed, he gives Kit a letter saying he must get it to his daughter Michelle in San Francisco, and while there, he runs into old friends. Chinese actor Jet Li provides the voice and motion capture fight scenes for the game. 

Pictures from the game

The Godfather

In this game, you create a guy and join the most notorious crime family in all of New York, the Corleone family. Work your way up from low man on the totem pole to the most coveted position, the Don of NYC. Extort business owners, collect payoffs, and watch your empire grow!!! Flirt with women, dress to impress, you name it!

Pictures from the game

This is always the fun task, lol!

Befriend members of the family from the movie

Destroy All Humans! This 1 is hilarious. You play as an alien named Crypto and you have to and get to cause as much destruction and damage as humanly possible, it's fun!! This game takes place during the 1950s, so if you play this and you see old Model T Ford trucks and old Studebakers or any car that was popular during the 1950s, there ya go!

Pictures from the game

Destroy All Humans 2
This one takes place in the Swinging 1960s. You get to go to Albion(London in the game) Bay City(San Francisco in the game), Takoshima(Tokyo in the game), Tunguska(Moscow in the game), and Solaris(the moon in the game). This one has hippies in it! YAY hippies!!

Pictures from the game
The Sims games
This one there's so many. My faves are the Urbz Sims in the City, The Sims 2 Pets, The Sims 2, The Sims Busting Out and The Sims Castaway.

From the Sims 2 Pets game

From the Sims 2 game, the level Mesa Gallery, an art gallery

From The Sims Castaway, in this game, you can have your sims befriend chimps. This is the level Airplane Jungle

The customize sim menu, where you can choose what your Sim wears

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