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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

18 things only weird people understand

We're all a little weird. I'm sure everyone is a little unique in their own way. I like it like that; if everyone was the same, this world would be BORING! We're all a little weird. That's what makes the world a cool place. We all have our loves and hates; our likes and dislikes; our little quirks that have shaped us into who we are. So here are some things that only us weird people may understand :D Some of these people may do, others not so much.

1. People are intimidated until you open your mouth. You almost, without fail, charm everyone you meet

2. You enjoy doing British accents and impersonations randomly.
-Personally, I like hearing British accents, especially on guys, lol. SO CUTE!

3. You have to fight, tooth and nail, not to do creepy faces at serious people you pass on the street

4. You hate talking on the phone. You hate talking when people are around. Listening to one thing and seeing something else is a lot on the senses

5. When you meet someone as weird as you, you are over the moon that someone else is on the planet and acts just like you. Instant friendship is only seconds away
-Yup, example one: my driving school teacher. She has the best taste in music and when I had sessions with her, we'd spend time learning to drive and talking about the music we love and she would make me so jealous when she said that she got to meet Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath. I'm still jealous!!!!

6. You can be impetuous sometimes. Then you catch yourself thinking about whether you were mean
-I usually try to avoid being mean. Makes me feel bad!

7. People mistake your weirdness for confidence and you end up being their social life jacket. But really you're as weird and uncomfortable as they are

8. There's no worse thing than having to hang out with "normal" people all day, when you'd rather be with your weird friends, talking about the weird stuff you love
-Isn't this the truth???????

9. You hate traditional parties and systems. Educational systems, proms, Super Bowl Sunday are just some of the things you just don't understand why people make such a big deal out of
-This is soooo me. I didn't even want to go to my junior prom. I only went because my classmates found out I wasn't going and told a teacher at school, who bought me a ticket

10. If you do choose a party, you're the lifeblood of it. You're what gets the party going and people mistake it for being outgoing, when in reality, you're just a weirdo

11. You kind of hate typical dates and small talk... please! First dates will be your Achilles Heel, meaning that it may not be your strong suit. You prefer first dates to be spontaneous and without some kind of tradition

12. Your dance styles change like clothes. They can range from "white dad at a barbecue" to "stripper whose rent is due tomorrow"

13. You can't stand clubs most of the time. You don't understand them and usually one of two things will happen, more often than not: 1.) you're with the right people and are the life of the party or 2.) you're not with the right people and feel annoyed by how fake it feels

14. You have your evil laugh down to an art form

15. You don't understand why it is not socially acceptable to break out in random song and dance in public

16. You feel almost out of place or vulnerable in certain overstimulating environments, but when it comes to concerts, you are always there, having a blast and love to perform

17. Your idea of fun is either racing around in shopping carts and making videos with your friends in your room at 3 am instead of being at the hottest nightclub where all the hot people and celebs hang

18. It takes a while for people to get you and your unique brand of humor. Then people find themselves thinking "At first I was wrong, but now, I like you and I think you're hilarious"

19. You think it's okay that there are 19 things on a list of 18

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