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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This is so cool

Isn't it amazing to think and know how swimsuits and body shapes have changed over the years? To think back in the early 1900s it was all the rage to cover as much as possible. Now, in the current years, it's all the rage for people to try to and show off as much as possible, not leaving much to the imagination, especially in the vein of showing off as much cleavage as they can. Let's take a look at the evolution of the bathing suit.
-"The Gibson Girl", referencing Evelyn Nesbitt, known as the world's first supermodel
-This decade was all about tiny waists in corsets, giving the wearer a vaguely Victorian look.
-"The Flapper"
-This decade was all about smaller busts and waists and highlighting the legs with short dresses
-"The Serene Siren"
-Hemlines make a dramatic comeback, along with curves
-Dances like the Samba and Rumba come back into action
-"Miss America"
-With WWII raging on everywhere, some patriotic spirit was in much needed demand. Broad shoulders and padded, pointy bras known as "bullet" and "torpedo" bras became fashionable because they looked like torpedoes or bullets
-Angles and curves are back on top. Screen legend Katharine Hepburn is the inspiration
-"The Hourglass"
-This figure is all about soft curves that evoke a soft, voluptuous feel
-Think "Leave It to Beaver" in terms of fashion
-Traditionally, the hourglass figure tends to be very beautiful
-"The Twig". This is a reference to British model Twiggy, who was known for her twig-thin figure
-Narrow hips are in, along with amphetamines becoming available for weight loss and slender hipped figures
-"The Disco Diva"
-The idea for fashion was tall, slim and slender
-"The Supermodel"
-Long legs dominated fashion in the 1980s. Sports bras also make their debut, to join in with the jogging and fitness craze
-To quote an Olivia Newton-John song, "Let's get physical"
-"The Waif", referencing models like Kate Moss
-The idea was apparently to look thin and wasted away, known as "heroin chic". Not exactly glamorous when your bones are peeking through your skin
-Small and thin is in
-"The Buff Babe"
-Muscles and toned up bodies are in. Wearing skimpy tops showing off your stomachs are also in, as popularized by pop queen Britney Spears
-"The Booty Babe"
-We live in a society where junk in the trunk is fashionable. Look at Kim Kardashian, who has so much junk in the trunk she's a freakin' SUV!
-But not everyone looks good with a big booty. This is probably the most UNATTRACTIVE thing ever!

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