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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Black Sabbath biopic?

I would go see this!

Here's some thing I never thought would happen. It's being considered that there is a Black Sabbath biopic in the making. Hopefully, it will be factually correct, have all the right information for all the fans out there. Because, if not, there's sure to be a riot on our hands, lol.
Trying to tell the story of the first name in heavy metal is no small or easy task. But someone out there is going to try and dominate this task. It's going to be, in the words of a Black Sabbath song "A Hard Road". What's going to make this task so difficult is trying to choose the right actors to play these iconic legends. According to, they've chosen who they think would be the perfect choices for the metal legends. It won't necessarily be based on looks, but most likely more personality than anything. If you think there are better choices than this, please list them in the comments section. To be honest, I'm curious :D

John Michael Osbourne, aka 'Ozzy' Osbourne
-Colin Ferrell
-Known as The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy is one of those people you can simply conjure an image of in your head almost instantly. It's been suggested that in order to perfectly capture Ozzy's wild side, you need a guy with a bad boy reputation. And Colin Ferrell is the man. He's definitely got the bad boy side down perfect. While some will gripe saying he's not a dead ringer in appearances for The Prince of Darkness, the Irish-born actor does possess quite a few facial features of the singer. Besides, looks don't matter-it's the personality that's gonna count

Anthony Frank Iommi, aka Tony Iommi
-Christian Bale
-It's been said numerous times that the loss of Tony's fingertips are the power behind Sabbath's downtuned sound and in addition, that Iommi has been given the credit of inventing heavy metal. Despite there not being much in the resemblance department, Welsh actor Christian Bale does have that perfect ability to transform into whatever character he plays, from The Dark Knight to even the inventor of heavy metal himself

Terence Michael Joseph Butler, aka 'Geezer' Butler
-James McAvoy
-Almost 99.99% of the lyrics for Black Sabbath were written by their bass guitarist, Terence Michael Joseph Butler, aka 'Geezer' Butler. Originally studying to be an accountant, the band put him in charge of finances early on. To perfectly capture the band's genius lyricist, you need an intellectual, which essentially Geezer is. When not writing song lyrics, he always has his head stuck in a book. But, anyway, in order to perfectly capture Geezer in film, you need an intellectual and that is where James McAvoy comes in. Not only does the Scottish-born actor always play smart characters in movies, he even has the incredible luck of bearing a resemblance to the guitarist. With a few lessons in bass guitar and a few books on the occult, James McAvoy will be on his way to becoming Geezer Butler in no time

William Ward, aka Bill Ward
-Tom Hardy
-For the role of Black Sabbath's legendary drummer, an actor with some serious strength is needed. British actor Tom Hardy has been chosen. After all, he showed strength as a UFC fighter in Warrior and as a romantic spy in This Means War. He should have no problem at all of playing the skins like Ward if there is ever to be a movie made about these guys

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