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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My new tattoo

As I said in a previous post, most specifically the one about tattoo reality shows, I did in fact get a tattoo. I got it on January 17, 2015, at One Shot Tattoo in Western Hills, a neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. For anyone who reads this and is thinking about getting a tattoo...they don't hurt. They sting afterwards, like a really bad sunburn, but that's it. If you've ever gotten really badly sunburned, that annoying itchy sting is basically all that happens after getting a tattoo. It didn't hurt at all. To be honest, I thought getting a tattoo or "getting inked" in slang would hurt like you wouldn't believe. But, honestly, it didn't. A good piece of advice- chew gum or talk to the artist. Always helps. And also, don't take aspirin before. It thins the blood. Also, despite what some may say, tattoos do not hurt; they sting a little, like a bad sunburn, but not bad. If you've ever been badly sunburned, you'll survive. Also, tattoos do not bleed hardly at all. IDK what I was on that night, but man, I didn't stop talking once. Jeez, I was a real motor mouth that night, lmao. Anywho, on my next tattoo, which I will be getting in the very near future, I'm taking a trip to the Far East, in terms of my tattoo. I want my next one to be a Japanese tattoo, to reflect my long standing interest in the culture. I'm going to get it on my leg and I have a distinct feeling it will probably consume my leg, lol. My sister and stepdad actually came up with the idea and I love it. Originally I wanted to get a geisha girl, but I was sadly informed that mostly men get geisha girls. Strange thing to see a geisha girl on a guy. And they joked that Godzilla should be peeking around from the mountain. Anywho, the idea that my sister and stepdad came up with would be a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree with a few petals falling, a geisha girl strolling under it holding a lacquered umbrella with Mt. Fujiyama looming mysteriously in the background. Now that I think about it, I love that one more than anything and I can't wait to get it. I'm going to schedule it this upcoming Saturday when we go to One Shot to finish my sister's tattoo. Her current one is gigantic. It's two flamingoes with a setting sun between them, with palm trees on either side and some beach and ocean around it. She's going this Saturday to get it all colored in and it'll finally be done. Anywho, I'm going to see if one of the artists there can render up an image and if it looks good, I'm going to schedule my next tattoo. Can't wait!!! But, anyway, if anyone who reads this is going to get a tattoo, it doesn't hurt. Take this from someone who was afraid of needles!!!! I'm not so much afraid of those needles as I am afraid of those long doctor needles that they stab into your arm like a madman!

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