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Friday, March 9, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous Guests

This show is a British sitcom. I've seen it before, it's okay, but I like My Family alot, that show cracks me up because it can relate to my real life waaaaaaaaaaaay too much! Except, unlike Susan, my mom CAN cook, and I'm the older sibling, lol.

IDK why or how this suddenly came in my mind, I guess it's because this was one of few British shows my dad actually did watch, other than Primeval.


Guest Stars
-Many of them were actors or actresses, musicians and many of them were British or American. Let me rephrase this, almost all of them are British/English, either one is probably good.

-Anita Pallenberg
  (Played the Devil on the episode "Donkey")
-Robert Lindsay
  (Ben Harper on My Family) (Played Pete on the episode "Schmoozin'")
-Laurie Metcalf
  (Played therapist on the episode "White Box")
-Naomi Campbell
  (Played herself on the episode "Jealous")
-Helen Bonham Carter
  (Played Saffy on the episode "Hospital")
-Idris Elba
  (Played Hilton on the episode "Sex")
-Minnie Driver
  (Played herself on the episode "Panickin'")
-Daniela Denby-Ashe
  (Jannie Harper on My Family) (Played Saffy's daughter on the episode "The End")
-Marianne Faithfull
  (Played God on the episodes "The Last Shout I" and "Donkey")
-Nathan Lane
  (Played Kunz in the episode "White Box")
-Elton John
  (Played himself on the episode "Schmoozin'")
-Graham Norton
  (Played himself on the episodes "Gay" and "Comic Sketch Relief")
  (Plays herself on the episodse "Parralox" and "Menopause")On this episode, the character Patsy wants a baby very badly, to the point of buying Mick Jagger's sperm from an auction to have it. Which I think is the most disgusting thing imaginable!! EWWWWWW!
If this is Twiggy now, wow, she's really beautiful. At least I think that, not too sure about what everyone else thinks or feels :D

-Miranda Richardson
  (Played Bettina on the episodes "New Best Friend" and "White Box")
-Richard Curtis
  (Played himself on the episode "Comic Relief Sketch")

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