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Monday, March 19, 2012

Guys/Girls with Bad Reuptations

Why do we love people who get in trouble with the law or have bad reputations? You might wonder why this is, and so do I. Sometimes, famous people earn a bad rep because of one little mishap. Like in the case of Hugh Grant who was arrested in LA after being caught with a hooker, no one wanted to hire him. But these celebs did their payback to society for brushes with the law and they're back in the good graces

Celebs with Bad Reps

Gene Simmons
-Cheated on former Playboy Shannon Tweed numerous times. They have refused to marry and they have 2 kids, Nick and Sophie. Gene Simmons has been seen with beautiful young women as arm candy on him numerous times, yet she puts up with it, poor girl. Until recently, she left him for a while because he was seen on the internet with a busty young girl on his arm. They only recently got married. To this day, people say that he is self-absorbed, greedy and unfortunately, I have to agree. I mean, I know he grew up poor in Haifa, Israel, but that is no reason to be greedy. Greed does not get you anywhere.
-I guess the reason people still like him is because he's a famous musician, his music is good, and some people might refuse to believe what they hear about people. And sometimes, you get people out there who still think people like Gene Simmons are cute.
Mick Jagger
-The world's most notorious womanizer. His first marriage to Bianca Macias De-Perez ended in divorce when she found out he was seeing a model named Jerry Hall, who he later went on to marry. When him and Bianca broke up, she gained sole custody of their daughter Jade. And when he later married Jerry, while she was pregnant with their son Gabriel, he was seeing another woman, this time a Brazilian model named Luciana Morad and he got her pregnant. In Dec. 1997, she gave birth to son Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger. Now he is once again out in the dating world. Since 2001, he had been seeing fashion designer L'Wren Scott.
-I guess the reason people look past his womanizing ways is because he's a musician, here to entertain along with his buddies The Rolling Stones. People will usually look past all the wrong doings of famous people because they still like them.
Miley Cyrus
-Did a slightly nude cover for Vanity Fair magazine... when she was only 15.
Tom Cruise
-Said that Brook Shields was crazy because she was suffering from post partum depression after giving birth to her child
Mel Gibson
-Made Anti-Semitic remarks
Russell Crowe
-Lost his anger, might have gotten into a fight
Lindsay Lohan
-This one is famous. Been arrested for drugs and alcohol. I have hopes that she'll clean up, I hope. The poor girl needs to clean up, otherwise she might die from drugs or alcohol.
Jennifer Lopez
-AKA  J.Lo to some. She is one of the bigger divas, at least she was back then. Since then, she has come back to Earth and is more compassionate and sincere and not the diva she once was. In fact, she has appeared on American Idol as a judge opposite Steven Tyler.
Ronnie Wood
-His reputation isn't so bad, but some people might assume that he can't stay out of rehab for longer than a year without going back for alcohol abuse, or that he's a violent wifebeater because of an alleged domestic abuse incident in 2009. But since 2003, during The Rolling Stones Live Licks tour to promote their Forty Licks album, he was downing a bottle and a half of alcohol a day. After that, he sobered up and also stopped his 30 a day smoking habit when doctors found small traces of emphysema in his lungs. Most people for some reason seem to hold one bad thing over him, saying that one incident involving domestic abuse and numerous times in rehab for alcohol makes him a violent, alcoholic wifebeater. It was a one time thing with the abuse and it's no one's business whether Ronnie enters rehab. It should be private, but you got these stupid, pardon my French, asshole paparazzi out there who take photos of celebs that put them in definitely unflattering lights.
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
-Their nicknames are The Toxic Twins. This is because they were the hardest ones to get off drugs. That's their bad boy rep, they were once addicted to drugs, but not anymore, they are now clean and sober

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