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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guys with Accents: Why Do Women Like Them?

I've always wondered what it was about a guy with an accent that might turn a woman on? I guess for every woman, there's something different about a guy that might turn them on. With some women, if they see a guy with handsome looking eyes, they're automatically hooked. Or if the man possesses a very handsome smile, she's lost, she's hooked. With others, it might be physical looks, if the man looks physically attractive to her, but to no one else, she might like him. Or it might be something in common between her and the man. Or... it might be a man with a cute accent. And over the years, I've also noticed that sometimes women like famous guys who have accents. And something I've not really noticed until now is that some women for some reason might be turned on by something like an accent from the southern United States, like many of the country singers in our world, like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney or Brad Paisley. Women might also find these men to be good looking and they usually are. Or they might be turned on by a European accent, such as Italian, British, etc.

When it comes to me, for some reason, if I hear a guy with an accent that I think is cute, it does kind of turn me on, idk why. For some reason, the English accent is really cute on guys.

But here's the thing- everyone sees beauty in different ways. Some may be turned on physical looks, some are turned on by accents, some may be turned on by a character trait the person has, i.e. kindness, gives to charity, compassion for others, helps animals, etc. Everyone is different, everyone has something different they look for in a person of the opposite sex. When it comes to me, I'm just looking for someone who is nice, compassionate, with a romantic side. I'm not picky, thank God. That's all I look for, and if the guy can cook, added bonus. I can cook okay, but not like restaurant chef level.

For me, the ultimate guy would be one who cares about others, a gentleman would be good, if he had handsome eyes, OK, definitely and a smile that can melt an iceberg, oh yeah. I'm not picky. I would love to meet a guy who is compassionate, sincere, romantic. If he also had a humorous, funny side, definitely a plus. I love guys who can make me laugh, and also ones who have romance in their soul.

Here are some famous people with either strong accents or slight accents

Steven Tyler
- Very slight New York accent
Joe Perry
-Might be a very slight Massachusetts, New England accent when he talks
With him having Italian in him, he's kinda cute. I love his brown eyes, so handsome.
Michael Imperioli
-New York accent
OMG, those eyes melt me.
Tim McGraw
-Handsome southern accent
He's just gorgeous, I don't care!! Gorgeous from head to toe!!
Kenny Chesney
-Southern accent
My sister loves his music and also thinks he's cute. I'm with her on that one. He is handsome
Brad Paisley
-Southern accent
Billy Currington
-Southern accent
My sister likes his country accent on him and also his muscles. She says she likes guys with muscles, something to grab, lol
Blake Shelton
-Southern accent
Matt Bomer
-Southern accent
I love those piercing blue eyes of his, but the saddest thing ever-- He's gay!! He likes guys, why is it that every guy I find attractive has to be either gay or out of my league?
Daniel Radcliffe
-British accent
I'm not sure what it is about Daniel Radcliffe that I find attractive. I think it's his blue eyes, he has the same eye color I do.
Hugh Jackman
-Australian accent
OMG, [insert little hearts, lol] I love his beautiful greenish eyes, his sexy smile and his gorgeous accent!! Aussie guys are soooooooo cute!!
Gerard Butler
-Scottish accent
Has a cute Scottish accent and has the most handsome eyes and smile EVER!!
-Irish accent
Love his music, and to me he's just physically attractive for some reason
Jet Li
-Asian accented English.
His brown eyes are really handsome, and plus he helps other people. I like that about guys. Men and guys who are willing to help others is the best kind of man. Jet Li helped out people who were injured in an earthquake in the Sichuan province in China a few years ago. He helped out the relief workers there.
-British accent
I love his music. As for looks, he's not that bad. People say he's ugly with those scars on his face. But I look past that. He couldn't help it that he got a rare form of lupus and it resulted in those scars. But guess what? He don't let it affect him. He's married to a beautiful German model named Heidi Klum and they have kids. Although some would say that it's weird they're together, he's a black musician from England, she's a white model from Germany.
Johnny Knoxville
-Southern accent
Some say he's an idiot because he's on that show Jackass, with him doing stupid stunts. I think he's funny sometimes. A man who can make me laugh is what I'm looking for, and believe me when I say this, it is not hard to get me laughing. The smallest, most simple thing could get me laugh
-British accent
Jon Bon Jovi
-New Jersey accent
Those eyes of his and that smile, omg, they make me melt!!!!

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