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Friday, March 23, 2012

Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan
-American crime/drama series that premiered on NBC from Sept. 24, 2001-May 16, 2007
-Stars Jill Hennessy as Jordan Cavanaugh, a crime solving forensic pathologist working in the Suffolk County, Massachusetts, Medical Examiner's office.
-The show features a group of Jordan and her co-workers and police detectives assigned to various cases.

Did You Know?
-The launch of the 3rd season was delayed for half a year to accomodate Jill Hennessy's real life pregnancy
-Jill Hennessy is a fan of a band called The Indigo Girls, such a huge fan that a poster of them hangs in the kitchen of her character


Medical Examiner
-Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh
-Jill Hennessy
-Emotionally scarred by her mother's murder when she was a child
-Has severe trust issues which limit her relationships with men.
Chief Medical Examiner
-Dr. Garret Macy
-Miguel Ferrer
-Admitted to a drinking problem after finding out his daughter, Abby, was addicted to heroin and became involved with a heroin addict.
-Loves jazz
Medical Examiner
-Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijay
-Ravi Kapoor
-Brilliant but shy forensic entomologist from Liverpool
-In season 6, coworker Lily becomes pregnant and has thought he should help out with her baby. In an episode called "Post Hoc" Bug is taken by Homeland Security on suspicion of being a terrorist.
Intake Grief Counselor
-Lily Lebowski
-Kathryn Hahn
-Her mother died in April 2005 after being run down by a car. In the episode "Mysterious Ways", she accepted her boyfriend's proposal. She canceled the wedding after she realized she had feelings for her British coworker Bug. By the end of season 6, she moved in with Bug, after he wanted the baby and her to live with him.
Forensic Technician
-Nigel Townshend
-Steve Valentine
-Wise cracking British criminologist with ambiguous personal life. There was also some rumors that he might be bisexual.
-Had run away from the Royal Navy, in which his role as counter-intelligence. It's thought he has feelings for Jordan because he does whatever she asks, despite the risk of losing his job.
Senior Detective
-Det. Woody Hoyt
-Jerry O'Connell
-Has a younger brother named Calvin(played by his real life brother Charlie O'Connell) who is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic


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