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Friday, March 2, 2012

Driver 3

Driver 3

-Marketed as DRIV3R
-Racing, shooting, adventure video game
-Brings back features from Driver 2 and adds the ability to ride motorcycles and boats, swim, use ladders,  use weapons, enter certain buildings.

-The game opens in Istanbul, Turkey, in a shootout between a gang and the Istanbul police. Jericho is seen shooting at the cops with his sawed off shotgun, and Tanner is seen with Jones shooting some of the gang. Jericho hides and starts to reload his gun, in which Tanner takes advantage of to run to his position. Just as Jericho loads the gun, Tanner runs after him and we see him slamming the car door and it cuts to a scene blackout. Later on, the scene goes to a hospital where Tanner and Jericho are injured and the doctors examining one of them, and later shows one of them flatlining

-The game goes back 6 months before in Miami, where undercover FBI agent Tanner(Michael Madsen), along with partner Tobias Jones(Ving Rhames), are infiltrating a crime ring known as South Beach, which specializes in stolen cars. A woman named Calita(Michelle Rodriguez) runs the ring, and there is a weapons specialist named Lomaz, and Bad Hand/ Tanner convinces them to give him a shot to work for them. He is accepted by the group and he begins to do odd jobs for them, in hopes of achieving a record of 40 stolen high performance cars

-South Beach ends up having a falling out with a local crime lord named "The Gator", so Calita sends Tanner after him. He is told to blow up The Gator's superyacht docked by an island in south Miami. The problem ends when Tanner shoots him in the sea and Calita and sends him and Lomaz to kill the Gator, thinking he is dead

-Later on, South Beach moves their stuff to Nice, France and Tanner relocates there too. Interpol agents Henri Vauban and Didier Dubois have their own plan to take down the ring and are at odds with Tanner. He decides to work the job his own way, which in several cases, leads him to conflict with the Interpol agents. After a few jobs, the Interpol agents mistakenly blow up Tanner's cover and a man shows up to Tanner, revealed to be Jericho(Mickey Rourke). He manages to escape him and blast his way out of Nice, along with Jones

-In Istanbul, Turkey, Tanner is now working as a rogue agent. However, Tanner and Jones are able to find a number of contacts who lead them to the crime ring and it's real leader, Jericho, who betrays and kills Solomon Caine, his former boss. Jericho appeared at a warehouse while Didier Dubois was using a laptop belonging to Calita, first stunning Tanner, who is confronted and ends up shooting Dubois

-Later, Dubois' partner Vauban tells Tanner that Dubois is in a body bag and the bullets are his. Tanner walks away and ends his work with the police force, forcing him to escape to the nearest warehouse. Once it's known that Tanner has found a way to stop the gang from selling the stolen cars, he is brought back onto the force and aids in stopping the sale of the cars. After a car chase between Jericho and his men and the Turkish Police, Tanner faces him in a final showdown. Tanner gains the upper hand, taking down Jericho. As Tanner decides he isn't worth killing, Jericho takes this chance to shoot Tanner in the back with a concealed gun.

-The scene shifts to the hospital and shows both Tanner and Jericho unconscious on operating beds, one of them flatlining. It's left unclear which one, but a doctor uses a defibrillator on him

Game play
-The vehicles are modeled after real life vehicles and are designed to behave as such.
-Weapons are unnamed in the game. They vary from pistols to grenade launchers. You gain weapons from seizing them from police and armed civilians, hideouts or safehouses

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