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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hot Man Wednesday- Callum Blue

Callum Blue
Name: Daniel Callum Blue
DOB: August 19, 1977
Where: London, England
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1999-present

-English born actor of film and TV.
-Best known for his roles on the Showtime TV show The Tudors, Dead Like Me, and as the role of Zod in the American series Smallville. He also played Alex on the British series The Secret Diaries of a Call Girl, opposite Billie Piper.

-The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement: Andrew Jacoby

-Dead Like Me: Life After Death: Mason.
  -The character Mason was a young man who died in 1966 in London by trying to drill a hole into the top of his head chasing the ultimate high. So if you watch the show, you'll see sometimes wearing something with the Union Jack(British flag) on it, whether it be gloves or boxers sticking out of his pants. And on the Halloween episode, he makes a reference to The Who and The Stones. He makes a bet with a kid that he can win all his candy off him if the kid answers his question: "Who was the only member of The Rolling Stones to croak to death from drowning?" and the kid says "Keith Moon" and he gets angry and tells the kid to go away after telling him it was Brian Jones.
-Columbiana: Richard

-Dead Like Me: Mason
-Grey's Anatomy: Viper(2005, episode 1)
-The Tudors: Anthony Knivert(2007, 10 episodes)
-Smallville: Major/General Zod
-Sanctuary: William Forsythe

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