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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hawaii Five-O (1969)

Hawaii Five-O
-American police drama created by Leonard Freeman in 1968.
-The show is set in Hawaii, and ran for 12 seasons, from 1968-1980. Continues in reruns
-Centers around a fictional state police unit run by Det. Steve McGarrett(Jack Lord). Most episodes ended with him saying to his partner "Book 'em Danno", and referring to a charge such as "Murder one"

The original Det. Danny Williams

-The show aired from Sept. 20, 1968- April 4, 1980
-Shot in Honolulu, Hawaii and throughout the island of O'ahu along with other Hawaiian islands, with occasional filming in Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong.
-The show was named in honor of Hawaii becoming the 50th state
-The show centers on a former U.S. Naval officer named Steve McGarrett(Jack Lord), who was asked by the governor, Paul Jameson(Richard Denning, but in the pilot, Lew Ayres played him) to create a special task force to take care of the criminal element on the islands. McGarret oversaw the State Police officers- a young officer named Danny Williams(Tim O'Kelly first, but then James MacArthur), Chin Ho Kelly(Kam Fong Chun) for seasons 1-4, Kono Kalakaua(Zulu) for seasons 1-4. Also, Honolulu Police Department Officer Duke Lukela(Herman Wedemeyer), who joined the team as a regular, along with Ben Kokua(Al Harrington), who replaced Kono in season 5.

-McGarrett's team was sometimes assisted by other officers if needed; such as the medical examiner named Doc Bergman(Al Eben), forensic specialist Che Fong(Harry Endo), a secretary. The first was May(Maggi Parker) and later Jenny(Peggy Ryan), later Luana(Laura Sode-Matteson)
-For 12 seasons, McGarrett and his team took down internation secret agents, criminals, organized crime syndicates on the Hawaiian islands. His team sometimes had help from Hawaii's District Attorney and later on Attorney General John Manicote(Glenn Cannon), they put away most of the criminals.
-One such Mafia syndicate was led by crime family patriarch Honore Vashon(Harold Gould), a character brought in during the 5th season.

-Other criminals and organized crime figures were played by actors such as Ricardo Montalban, Gavin MacLeod, and Ross Martin as Tony Alika. By season 12, James MacArthur left the show along with Kam Fong. Fong's character Chin Ho, at the request of Fong, was murdered while working undercover to expose a protection ring in Chinatown in the last episode of season 10. New characters were brought in. Jim "Kimo" Carew(William Smith), Lori Wilson(Sharon Farrell), and Truck(Moe Keale).

-The look of the officers was casual yet also business. McGarrett sported a tousled yet nice hairstyle, along with a dark suit and tie. The other members often "dressed mainland" as they called it, meaning they wore local styles, along with the well known "Aloha shirt".
-On the show, his arch enemy is a person named Wo Fat, who is a rogue Communist agent from the People's Republic of China, who was played by Khigh Dheigh. The final episode in 1980 seen this man going to jail in an episode called "Woe to Wo"

-Kam Fong Chun, an 18 year veteran with the Honolulu Police Department, auditioned for the role of the lead villain Wo Fat, but instead Freeman gave him the role of Chin Ho Kelly. He took the name Wo Fat from a Chinese restaurant in downtown Honolulu.
  1. Steve McGarrett: Jack Lord
  2. Danny Williams: James MacArthur
  3. Kono Kalakaua: Zulu
  4. Chin Ho Kelly: Kam Fong Chun
  5. Attorney General John Manicote: Glenn Cannon
  6. Ben Kokua: Al Harrington
  7. Duke Lukela: Herman Wedemeyer
  8. Governor Paul Jameson: Richard Denning, Lew Ayres in the pilot
  9. Jim "Kimo" Carew: William Smith
  10. Truck Kealoha: Moe Keale
  11. Frank Kamana: Douglas Mossman
  12. May: Maggi Parker

Recurring Characters

Wo Fat
-Chinese rogue agent
-Played by: Khigh Dheigh
Che Fong
-Forensic specialist
-Played by: Harry Endo

Joey Lee
-Former gang leader turned undercover informant for McGarrett
-Played by: Brian Tochi

2010 Version
-On May 19, 2010, a new edition of the show debuted. This one is set in present day Hawaii, and called Hawaii Five-0 with the last character a zero instead of an "O" to keep it separate from the old show.
-The updated version stars Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly, Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua, Scott Caan as Danny Williams, Jean Smart as Governor Patricia "Pat" Jameson.
-On the new revamped version, the "5-0" task force takes care of the criminal element, mainly Triad and Yakuza related elements on the island, and McGarrett trying to capture Wo Fat for the murder of his father. This time, Wo Fat is a criminal tied to the Japanese Yakuza.

-Alex O'Loughlin: Lt. Comm. Steve McGarrett
-Scott Caan: Det. Daniel "Danno" Williams
-Daniel Dae Kim: Det. Chin Ho Kelly
-Grace Park: HPD officer Kono Kalakaua
-Masi Oka: ME Max Bergman
-Lori Weston: Special Agent, DHS Lauren German
Recurring Characters

Terry O'Quinn
-Lt. Commander Joe White
-Steve McGarrett's mentor and Navy SEAL instructor
-After Steve is framed for the murder of Governor Pat Jameson by Wo Fat, he comes at the request of Danny Williams
Mark Dacascos
-Wo Fat
-A crime lord with ties to the Hawaiian branch of the Japanese Yakuza
-Also has ties to arms dealers, terrorists, high ranking government officials.
-Might be behind the murder of Steve McGarrett's parents
Will Yun Lee
-Sang Min
-Triad snakehead and source of info for Five-0
Brian Yang
-Forensic specialist Charlie Fong

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