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Friday, February 18, 2011

Movies(peliculas for the Spanish speakers)

Yeah, when it comes to movies, I'm not picky. I'll pretty much watch anything, but the only movies I refuse to watch are movies with excessive cussing, where every other word out of the actors mouth is a bad word, movies with graphic sex scenes where it goes on and on, movies with too much gore and bloodshed. I'm not saying I'm a tomboy about this stuff, but then again, I'm not exactly girly-girl. If you know me like my family does, then you'll know it's not too surprising to see that the old Ned Kelly movie from the 1970s is my favorite, it's sort of a weird movie to some, but it tells the story of the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly and plus, Mick Jagger plays him, cute English dude with a cute English accent trying to do a cute Australian accent, definitely very attractive. The kind of movies I like to watch usually have 1 or 2 things in common: they either have an Asian actor in it or an English actor in it. Notice a pattern with me? Here are some of my favorite movies:
Kiss of the Dragon                         Ned Kelly

Cradle 2 the Grave                        Freejack
Romeo Must Die                           Bend It Like Beckham

What a Girl Wants


As you can see, these are just some of the movies I usually end up watching, Notice a pattern with me? Almost everything I watch usually has someone Asian or British in it.

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