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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I know I probably already did a previous blog on my thoughts and opinions of racism, but I really need to get my opinions out.

I have a computer class here at Gateway and recently had to do a PowerPoint presentation on something, so I did mine on racism/discrimination. It horrified me to see and read what stereotypes people have for everyone. It horrified me to read that some people assume bad things about others. Thank God I'm not like this, I'm very tolerant of EVERYONE! I did a slide about stereotypes from one place where I didn't think stereotypes existed- England! Yeah, there are mean stereotypes of the nice and lovely people of this awesome place. For some reason, my dad always assumes people from England got bad teeth like Michael Caine, no one from England has bad teeth. I do not assume this. My dad does. I hate racism as I've said in blogs before.

In high school, I had to deal with the issue of discrimination. This one classmate had thought that it was funny to do the Nazi salute to everyone. OMG! He did it to me and I almost knocked his lights out right then and there. You see, I'm part Jewish, very small part, and even that's enough to know I don't like people Nazi saluting everyone. They think it's funny, but it's not. This classmate also had thought it was funny to racially insult my step dad because of his Italian ancestry. He knows it gets a rise out of me to insult him, he knows I love my family very deeply and he has he balls to insult my step dad? NO WAY!

And my aunt, don't even get me started! She is nice, but very biased about people. But she can be very rude and mean towards people. There was this one guy she usually went out with, he was a nice older man named Roger, he was a nice older Italian gentleman, he was sweet as could be, and when he dressed up, nothing against him, but he always wore pinstripe suits that made him look like a mobster. Anyway she didn't want to go out with him anymore when she found out that his mother lives with him so he can take care of her. How ridiculous is that? But she's the type of person who will openly speak her opinion and not care who she hurts. When me, my sister, dad and her went to Cynthiana, Ky, for a family reunion, omg, it was like the Deliverance Family Reunion. Funny name, huh? Anyway, my dad has family down there and nothing against them, they are nice, but they are pure country and hate anyone of another race/ethnicity. Anyway, we went to see them and I think maybe I made the mistake of wearing a Rolling Stones tee with their picture on it. About an hour into this literal racist nightmare, people start talking about how we have to learn Spanish in school. I hear various comments like "This is America! If those illegal immigrants want to come into our country, then they better learn English" or "I don't get why we have to learn Spanish". Then they started talking about stuff they seen in People Magazine, and unfortunately, they started talking about this picture of Jet Li that was in there because this was right around the time The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor came out and my aunt Lois said they should ship him back to China. How rude is that? And then they started talking about this picture of Mick Jagger that was in there because it showed him walking around with his son Lucas and daughter Georgia, my aunt Lisa said he's the most hideous man she's ever laid eyes on. I actually had to sit there and not say a thing. If I spoke my mind about what I thought about this, I'd get a dirty look from my dad or aunt, like I just committed murder or something,  my life is almost controlled by my dad or aunt.

But basically racism is something I hate. I thought we were all past the point of hating others because of skin color or race? It's not the 1950s anymore, no one cares about the fact that someone is black, Asian, Italian, Jewish, British, etc. We all need to MOVE ON! 

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