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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ah yes, hobbies. Everyone has one at least. I have alot of them, when I'm not in school, I usually have my head stuck in a book, or when I'm not doing that, I'm usually working on a puzzle or on a paint by number. In fact, I'm actually working on a puzzle, it's an Ed Hardy one, it looks like a tattoo of this Japanese geisha girl, And after I finish this one, I want to get one of The Beatles, I seen 3 I want to get and The Beatles White Album isn't one of them, they actually made a puzzle out of this, but the ones I want to get is The Beatles' Yellow Submarine puzzle, The Revolver album one, and the Let It Be album one.

Oh man, you should have been with me, my mom, stepdad and my sister right before Christmas. We were out at the mall because my mom and stepdad were trying to get ideas of what to get me and my sis for Christmas. They were both thinking about getting us puzzles and we went into this one place and it was a puzzle store, my sister wanted to get an Ed Hardy puzzle or a Gothic puzzle, so we ask this lady at the front desk if she can help, so she asks what kind of puzzle she's looking for and she says Gothic, so this lady takes her over to this shelf with Gothic fairy puzzles, and it's not what's she's looking for, so the woman asks her what music she listens to, and somehow she takes us over to where they have all these Beatles and John Lennon puzzles. It actually took me and my mom to convince this lady that she's not a Fab Four fan, I'm more of a fan of The Beatles than she is. We actually had to tell this woman "Lady, she doesn't like The Beatles or John Lennon, get it through your head!" This lady must have been dumber than a sack of rocks.

But anyway, when it comes to hobbies, I do pretty much anything creative, from reading books, to writing short stories, to painting paint by numbers, to doing puzzles. I like to do creative stuff because it keeps me busy. If I don't have a good book to read or a paint by number to do, I'm bored easily. When I was in high school, in my English class, we had this one assignment where we had to write a short story for our portfolio thing. I wrote one about these 2 cops investigating a mysterious murder in the South. Wasn't too bad, the teacher chose a few and mine was one of them to publish in a creative writing contest, won $200 on it, but it went right in the bank.

But when it comes to hobbies, I have alot. And as for interests, I have alot. One of them is foreign languages. I'd love to learn a few more, I'm quite fluent in Spanish, mainly because I had to take it to graduate from high school, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning this language. Unfortunately, my fellow graduates hated learning this language. They called it 'gay'. That's another thing, I hate when people use the word gay to say stupid. All they do is make themselves sound stupider. They don't understand what the word means. But anyway, learning foreign languages is an interest I have. I'd love to learn Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German and maybe Russian, a friend of mine says that I'm nuts for wanting to learn how to speak, read and write some of the most difficult languages in the known world, but I told her, I want to learn it. Another interest of mine is world cultures. Chinese and Japanese culture is so endlessly fascinating to me, all the little traditions, customs, and history related to that fascinates me. That probably explains why I'd love to go to China and Japan some day. And if possible, maybe live there. There are about 4 places that I would love to live in:
1. China: the culture fascinates me, so does the history, traditions, customs, and plus 2 of favorite actors are Chinese, Jet Li and Chow Yun-fat. So that shows I appreciate Asian culture.
2. Japan: same reason as China, the history, customs, traditions and culture fascinate me.
3. Australia: If I could live here, it would have to be 1 of 3 places along the coast; Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. They re right near the ocean and every night you can see the sun set over the ocean and every morning you can see the sun rise over the ocean, totally romantic.
4. London, England. For some reason, I'd love to live here because the culture here seems so similar to ours, but it has that feeling of being interesting. The only obstacle I'd have with that is the currency issue, from what I hear, the currency isn't dollars there, it's pounds, quid, etc. But the fun part part would be getting to learn how to adjust to that. I'd enjoy every second of learning about it.

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