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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

About Me

Look, I know I may have done multiple blogs about this, bur I'm not sure if anyone reads these things. So I'll basically tell you a little about me. I'm now 20 years old, my birthday is on Oct. 1. I have a dad named Steve, who works as a Sorter Machine Operator at US Bank, he basically sorts checks all day and makes sure they go where they need to go, he works the 1st shift, 7am-3pm. My mom, Brenda, works at Fifth Third Processing Solutions LLC, not sure about the last part, she basically works in Fraud, making sure people aren't becoming victims of identity theft. She's on the phones all day, locking/blocking cards for protection and she gets repaid by hearing people yell at her all day. My sister, Jessie, is in her senior year in high school. She recently got a tattoo, an Ed Hardy one, of a skull that says Love Kills Slowly, she loves it, and she was practically hitting on the tattoo artist. My step dad, Greg, also works at US Bank, he's a Reconciler, meaning he and a few other people prepare checks to go in to the sorter room. He works the 3rd shift, 5pm-3am. 

When I get out of college and get a job, I hopefully want to get a job as a graphic designer, and work somewhere cool. And when it comes to living somewhere, there are 3 places, well, more like 4 places that I would love to live in if I couldn't live anywhere else. 1st: my main favorite place that I would live in if possible is China. The culture is so endlessly fascinating to me, I've been interested in Chinese history/culture since 7th grade, so this fascination has gone on for a long time, 2nd: Japan, it's basically the same reason as China, the culture/history of Japan is endlessly fascinating to me. 3rd: Australia. It has a wild west feel to it, and it would have to be 1 of 3 cities along the coast: Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, so that way every night I can see the sunset over the ocean and the sunrise over the ocean every morning. 4th: London, England. This place because the culture is so similar to ours that it wouldn't be much of a difference, the only obstacle I'd face is the currency issue. Over there, dollars aren't the currency, pounds, quid,etc is. But I'd quickly learn to adjust.

Like anyone who has a goal to do something before they die, I have a long list, a 'bucket list' if you call it that. My main thing is I want to travel, to places far and exotic, like China, Japan, places that are really cool, like London, Sydney, Australia. And another goal for me is to see one of my fave bands in concert, The Rolling Stones, I'm bound and determined to see them play live. It may sound strange that someone who is 20 years old, in college wanting to see these guys, but their music totally kicks butt in music! They've been around for ever and I've listened to them for a few years. Another goal I have is to go rock climbing, the only obstacle I have with that is I have a small case of asthma and I think that would interfere with rock climbing. It's one of the many interests I have. I have alot of interests and goals that I want to accomplish in the future, and as for concerts, I'd love to see Paul McCartney too, his music is so good, and it's romantic. Honestly, how much better can you get than that?

My fave music is The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, basically British rock. I'm a massive fan of it, and at home I often get made fun of for listening to these guys, especially The Stones, as many people call them, my favorite ones in the group are Ronnie Wood, as he is called, Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts, Keith Richards I'm not too big on, I mean, he's a good guitarist, but he got into too much trouble with drugs. But I do love other music, Latin music is really awesome and I'm totally into that stuff, but it has to be either Shakira or Enrique Iglesias, because they're the only ones I'll listen to. And also R&B I'm massively huge on, it has to be Seal, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Aaliyah because their music totally kicks butt in the R&B world.

I also have a Facebook account, strange to hear me saying that because a few years ago, I was so hesitant to start an account, not sure why and back in 2010 I had to start one because of school. And you won't believe the amount of people I share stuff in common with, most of the people I'm friends with on Facebook share a common like: The Rolling Stones, I kid you not, most of the people I'm friends with on Facebook like The Rolling Stones like me. When it comes to movies, however, some people will say that they only watch certain movies or whatever, I'm pretty open minded about this sort of stuff, I'll pretty much watch anything, even if it seems weird to others. Like this one movie, Freejack, it has Mick Jagger from the Stones in it, it is really weird, but it's okay in it's own way. My dad says he's not the greatest actor, but I say different. I think Mick is really sexy when he acts, and I never actually hear him talk before, like when he sings, he has this almost high pitched voice, but when he talks, he has this real deep voice which is sort of sexy, something about it is strangely sexy. Alot of the actors I like are Asian, like Jet Li, Chow Yun-fat, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu, B.D. Wong. Not sure why I like these people as my favorite actors, but they are just good, that must be the reason.

Basically, overall, I'm a very tolerant person, one thing that really ticks me off is when someone is being bullied because of race/skin color, etc. I don't like racism/discrimination, if you really want to, pardon my French, piss me off, do that and you'll see how I am when I am angry. I'm a very nice person, I treat everyone with kindness and respect, I'll treat you nice if you treat me nice, but if you treat me like crap, don't expect any respect back because I'll treat you like crap right back! If I see someone being bullied because of something like race/skin color, ethnicity, etc, that person is going to get an earful from me. It may sound like I'm very against this, but I am. In my family, my aunt is a very biased person, she doesn't see the good in people like I do, she only sees the outside. She only notices if the person is black, Asian, Italian, Latino, etc. And I love my dad dearly, but sometimes he can be offensive, I always tell him that I really don't like him saying thing about people. Like sometimes if we're watching something, that'll usually get him started. Like one time we, as in my sister, me and him were watching this movie called The Full Monty, which I may add is a really awesome movie, and he heard the way they were talking in the movie, all of them had a deep British accent and he started mocking the way they were talking. Sorry, but I really HATE the way people treat others because of race/skin color, etc. Racism/discrimination is the most evil thing anyone ever came up with. You really want to piss me off, do that, and you'll get a very large earful from me!

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  1. I don’t think it’s strange to wanna see the rolling stones.:) I love the music of the past and I’m also a 20 year old student as well. We have a lot in common... and when people give you stick for liking these things just remember you’re not alone. Just like you said about facebook, There are loads of people in the blog world that I have seen our age with the exact same interests

    Totally agree with what you have said on racism/discrimination. I have loads of friends of all nationalities. I live in Hackney, east London. Which has a good mix of cultures and I feel so comfortable there. I’m part Italian and English. I have had horrible comments about my mixed family in the past, so I understand how others of different cultures must feel.