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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's on My MP3?

This is what my MP3 looks like, I can't afford an iPod, too pricey!

I was reading people's blogs, commenting on the cool stuff they put on them when I seen one that kind of inspired me to do this one.

On my MP3, there's a lot of stuff people don't like, nothing inappropriate, mostly Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Aerosmith, a little Foreigner, Jon Bon Jovi, etc. I'm probably the only one who graduated from high school in 2008 that is a massive fan of British rock, Latin, R&B, etc.

If you love The Rolling Stones, then I'd suggest checking out their Bridges to Babylon album, alot of the stuff on that one is newer, but still good, some of the songs are original, but other than that, totally awesome, and if you want to catch a glimpse of the Rolling Stones in their heyday when they were first getting started, then let me suggest the Hot Rocks album, alot of the tracks on there are their early stuff, from 1964-1971.
And if you're looking for all their really good tracks, then check out their Forty Licks album, taken from the fact that it has forty songs on it, thus the name Forty Licks. There are a couple tracks on there I especially love, both are on Disc 2, You Got Me Rocking and Emotional Rescue. Those 2 are 2 really good tracks. My favorite ones in The Rolling Stones are it's lead singer Mick Jagger and it's rhythm guitarist Ronnie Wood as most would call him. The reason I like these 2 is because at Mick's age, he is built like a brick house, he's in incredible shape and so is the rest. Some would consider it weird that I find a man Mick Jagger's age very handsome, but that's who I am. Ronnie Wood is my other favorite because when he's on stage, he looks like he's just up there having fun playing guitar, he looks like a little kid just having fun. And plus, he's one freakin awesome guitarist.

And if you're into more mellow British rock, then let The Beatles be for you. They're all the glam and glitz of a rock band but with the mellowness of the 1960s British Invasion-era. The Beatles 1 album is definitely one to check out, it has all their good stuff on it, I guess that's why they call it 1, all their #1 hits. Unfortunately, John Lennon and George Harrison weren't around to see how popular the Beatles were, but they live on in the form of people playing Beatles hits. And if it's Paul McCartney you like, then the Band on the Run album is for you. It's pretty good. I'm just glad that George Harrison and his wife Patti weren't with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards the night they got arrested by the London police for drug possession. I really don't think they would have needed to spend time in jail because of something that Keith may have done and dragged Mick into.

If Latin music is more you, I have that on it too. Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Ritchie Valens are the only Latin singers I listen to. I love their music because it's calming, romantic. All 3 of these singers have greatest hits albums out, and along with other albums. For Shakira, the She Wolf album is definitely worth checking into, the main track on there, She Wolf, has a nice Latin beat to get you up and dancing.

And if R&B is more your thing, I got just the thing for ya. Aaliyah is an R&B singer based out of Brooklyn, that's where she's from. Her music is all romantic and good, there's one track that should be checked into, Try Again, this song is really good, and if you seen the movie Romeo Must Die with Jet Li in it, he's in the video for the song. Unfortunately, poor Aaliyah is no longer with us anymore. She's R&B-ing up in heaven, she was sadly killed in a plane crash, but she lives on through her music. And Seal is a good one too, he's R&B as well, one of his tracks, Kiss From a Rose, is eerily romantic, and yet very addictive, because if you listen to it once, you might be tempted to listen to it again. As for me, I love all the old-school R&B, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, etc.

If you're into just rock and hard rock, then go in the direction of Aerosmith, Foreigner, etc. Those 2 bands I love listening to, I have a favorite in both bands. In Aerosmith, my 2 favorites are the lead singer Steven Tyler and the lead guitarist Joe Perry. Both are very handsome men and they can really rock on stage. It seems like they're the only ones you'd notice on stage, if they played in concert. And in the band Foreigner, my favorite is the lead singer Kelly Hansen, he's cute and he can really hit those high notes. For these bands, for Aerosmith, I recommend either the Devil's Got a New Disguise album, the O Yeah! album or the Big Ones album. All 3 of those are VERY good albums and have all of Aerosmith's really awesome songs. For Foreigner, I recommend the No End in Sight album, it has all their good stuff on 2 CD's. More than enough Foreigner to go around!

And if you're totally clueless about what these guys look like, here are some pics. Because you'll probably read this and think "Who are these people?" Well, here are some pics to clear things up if you don't know what they look like:
The Rolling Stones                                   


My favorites in this pic are the one to the far right: Ronnie Wood(rhythm guitarist),and the one 2nd from the right, next to Ronnie holding the sunglasses: Mick Jagger(lead singer). These 2 are totally awesome. Plus, Mick is really hot still. I know this may sound strange coming from someone who was around AFTER these guys came out, but I really think he's sexy still! But I guess it's because I sort of have a thing for English guys with cute accents.

Aerosmith                                             Paul McCartney




The Beatles

My favorites in this picture are: Paul McCartney(2nd from right)George Harrison(far right) and John Lennon(far left). The reason they're my favorite is because Paul still entertains today, in this pic George Harrison was really hot, and, he cared alot about others. Thank God he wasn't there the night Mick Jagger and Keith Richards got arrested for drug possession. And John Lennon, I'm with him on giving peace a chance. It never hurts to try and  solve things nonviolently w/o having to resort to violence.

As you can see, my tastes in music are ALL over the place, in all kinds of decades and stuff, from the groovy and British 60s, to awesome 80s, and from rock to R&B, to British rock, you name it!
Sorry if the pictures keep not showing up, sorry about this.

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