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Saturday, April 4, 2015

10 things only old souls will get

Have you ever been described as an "old soul" or heard someone use this to describe someone? For those unfamiliar with this phrase, "old soul" usually refers to someone who typically acts beyond their years or has a strong love of the past. Here are 10 things that only old souls will understand

Alone time is a prize sometimes
-We can be extroverted, but sometimes nothing beats that good ol' alone time. Sometimes alone time is the best thing for recharging your batteries, reducing stress, among other things

Our maturity is top notch
-Growing up, we get compliments about our maturity. As we mature in to teens, we get told we act older than our years

We find the joy in simple pleasures
-Doing simple things like drinking tea/coffee on the porch outside during the summer in the early morning, going on picnics, going to concerts with friends/family or just spending time with family is what really makes life worth living. Old souls find more pleasure in doing simple things than extravagant things

We feel detached from the world
-We feel misplaced in modern society

We channel a historic time period
-Old souls are sometimes called old souls because of our love for a certain time period. We are forever wondering if we were born in the wrong time period. It's not because we hate the current generation, but it's just other generations just seem better
-This is so true. For me, the 1960s and 1970s seem to hold a certain love for me. Between the good music, the clothes and the general pop culture, gimme gimme 60s and 70s!

People love talking to us
-This is a highly attractive feature for people.  People love talking to old souls. Strangers will strike up conversations. Friends come to us for advice. And we'll strike up conversations with random people
-This is so true. There's a guy who gets on the bus with me to go home sometimes. He sees me, he starts talking to me. Somehow, I suspect he started talking to me when he seen me reading Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath by Tony Iommi. IDK, maybe he's a Sabbath fan? I know one thing- he sure could pass as a dead ringer for Geezer Butler. This guy looks almost exactly like the guy, except maybe a little taller and a little more bony :D

Compassion is high
-Seeing something sad, like a homeless person, will break your heart. We have empathy and know that poverty seems to have visited that person and we just want to help or give them a big hug. Old souls are more empathetic and compassionate for those around them and tend to care about random people

We're the guardian angel for friends
-You may be called a buzzkill, but who can say that you weren't there for those you love? These people talk sense into their friends

We live life on the edge
-There's just something very magical about sitting on a windowsill or ledge and just watching the world go by. With either newspaper, book or Nook in hand, it's the go-to spot for recharging

We think deeply...about everything!
-Let's say someone walk into a café or coffee shop. "Old souls" don't just start by saying hi to the barista behind the counter. Usually the "old soul" type people start to wonder what that person's life is like, how long they have been working here, what made them want to work here, etc.

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